February 24, 2016

With the added element of being a social ambassador for Topman, I've realised how key social media and the way you present yourself really reflects how you work/what you do and I've really taken a 360 on my Instagram and started posting more concise content following 3 top tips.

Step 1 was to start following the rule of 'If you wouldn't engage with it, don't post it' which I believe is a really strong starting point. I went through my liked posts and saw that I liked more detailed posts featuring a couple of pieces or flatlays which work perfectly with my style. Ive seen my instagram steadily gain more interest by using this rule and I feel it looks more aesthetically pleasing too when scrolling through.

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Step 2 was using the correct hashtags/tags to gain the right viewers and also show it to the right people. For example, if I'm doing a social ambassador post, I make sure to use the hashtags #topmanstyle #topmanstaff and #topmansocialambassador and then make sure to tag them in the main image itself. Usually after this I use the generic ones such as #maleblogger #guyswithstyle etc to also engage other guys who are interested in fashion/blogging/styling which is a great way to introduce your style aesthetic to a wider audience. Finally as I've started featuring more flatlays, I've been using the hashtag and profile link for 'flatlays' which is a mecca of impeccable styling. I also find timing your posts a great thing too because you gain a wider audience if you post first thing in the morning or last thing at night because thats the main times people view Instagram according to members of their team who I met at the Social Ambassador launch at Facebook offices.

Step 3 is to get creative. Play around with layout, colours, composition of the image etc which really draws in a new perspective and a new audience. I know a simple flatlay looks easy to do, but ask any blogger and we'll all tell you we've probably spent an hour on that singular image to make sure its perfect. Play around with colour palettes such as sticking to a theme (take a look at my tan accessories flatlay) or scenarios (such as my latest one for Topman 24) the possibilities are endless!

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