September 26, 2016

khaki embroidered crane bomber jacket - Topman (click here)
black super spray on jeans - Topman (click here)
white rib texture t-shirt - Topman (click here)
authentic shoes in all black - Vans (click here)

Embellishment, whether its in the form of a scattering of badges or carefully collected patches, to DIY pins and back pieces of embroidery has been a huge trend for the past few months, especially with the resurgence in the souvenir jacket. Ive been eyeing up purchasing one for some time but never really found one that fitted with my style until this khaki number caught my eye and I KNEW I had to snap it up.

With the large crane design on the back, its a great statement piece, perfect for pairing with simple pieces to gain interest but also theres a part of me that wants to pair it with some slightly more grungier pieces to play with the 90s trend which really doesnt show any signs of slowing down. Ive paired it simply for todays outfit but I can't wait to tie a plaid shirt round the waist, ripped jeans and DMs for the perfect grunge look.

What do you think of this look? What would you pair these pieces with? Let me know below or on social media using #IYAAJAY

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