February 17, 2017

embroidered bomber - Topman (no longer available online)
black eagle kings print spliced hoodie - Topman (click here)
light wash blue denim casual shirt - Topman (click here)
black super spray on skinny jeans - Topman (click here)

Theres nothing quite like a seasonal change to move from heavy winter coats to more manageable layering and with the help of this weeks social ambassador challenge of layering up, I'm bringing my take on this trend. Pairing an oversized spliced hoodie with a denim shirt has a nod towards the skate/grunge trend that is hardly slowing down but then pairing it with my favourite bomber makes it a lot more wearable if your not too sure on just the denim shirt. I now find layering really useful because I never know what ill be doing during the day so having that flexibility is great!

Also I tried this time to loosen up a little bit when taking my photos because Ive noticed that, whilst being in bad moods recently, I look so moody and unhappy in my photos which is not a nice trait at all! Theres a time and a place for a moody scowl and its not in this post!

What do you think of this look? What would you pair these pieces with? Let me know below or on social media using #IYAAJAY or tag me in your inspired photos!

Until next time,



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