August 21, 2015

Its always hard to discover 'your style'
I know, because its taken me years to finally nail my go to looks, brand inspirations and people to look at for that all important dose of style pick me up and I thought I would share with you who and what I look to.

I think I've gone through every phase of dressing, ranging from prep to grunge, street style to scene *deep shudder* and I finally feel like I've nailed it. Style is hard to define because to everyone its different and its a totally fluid idea but hey, can't hurt to show what inspires me?

Go to guys style- Harry Styles, Dougie Poynter and Nick Grimshaw

To me, these guys are literally living the style I love. Think laid back plaid, jeans for every occasion, slightly undone style and the ubiquitous chelsea boots which I absolutely swoon over. I love the way that these guys always look so effortless no matter what the occasion is, its not overly fussy, its not too try hard, its simple. I love a simplistic wardrobe where everything connects and flows with each other and can be worn intertwined to actually look complete. I've started adapting to collecting great basics such as well fitting jeans, sturdy boots and quality shirts and jackets which I think really give off this vibe. I also love the use of classic accessories such as styling sunglasses and wide brim hats which also reflect the undone nature of the hair, which I'm also trying to do by growing out my undercut (No, I'm not following a trend, I fancied a change)

Go to runway style - Saint Laurent, Burberry, Givenchy

These brands are honestly 3 of my favourite higher end collections that really deliver some amazing pieces each season. Saint Laurent and the genius that is Hedi Slimane deliver some lust worthy jackets each season which I honestly would love to own, but the eyewateringly high price tag makes me cry. Burberry are a real favourite when it comes to LCM, and every season, Christopher Bailey some how manages to deliver classic pieces but cleverly reinvented each time to fit in with the story and scenario being displayed. Givenchy is one of those designers that have really exploded in the past few seasons with newer, more modern techniques, materials and patterns on classic styles which would never date. If these brands are something you lust after but can't justify the money, look to Zara, ASOS and Topman for high end influences at a more affordable prices.

Go to Instagram pages - Darren Kennedy & ASOS Menswear

Instagram is really one of the best places to gain inspiration, especially because theres everything from brands to street style, celebrities to fellow bloggers all sharing images and lust worthy new pieces which really gets the mind racing to find that next must have piece. Two of my favourites are Darren Kennedy, the cheeky Irish stylist with an amazing quiff and even more amazing, envy inducing wardrobe which I honestly would love to raid (especially for this jacket he featured) Another heavy hitter when it comes to stylish guys is the ASOS Menswear account which surprised me the other day by following me too which was quite a surreal moment. They strive to bring the best style, new pieces and also how other guys style their pieces which is a really great way of gaining new ways of wearing your favourite items.

How do you get your inspiration? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,


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