January 14, 2014

 Heres a little round up of the last two weeks of OOTD's which shamefully, feature the same coat every day (I know, but oh god I love it too much!) but hey, atleast I change up the outfits!
Coat (Throughout)- Jack Wills
Jeans- Jack Wills
Tee- Topman
Snapback- Only NY
Case (Throughout)- Case Mate
Keeping things simple, this outfit is transitional for most seasons with the layers, the addition of a snapback and also the versatile nature of jeans and a tee.

Beanie- Lucus
Hoodie (Similar)- Abercrombie & Fitch
Shirt- Ralph Lauren
Trousers (Similar)- Bershka
Case- As seen previous
This layered outfit was perfect for the freezing cold weather, with the tonal shades of grey and black clashing with the plaid of the shirt and co-ordinating green in the beanie.

Coat- As seen previous 
Jeans- As seen previous 
Shirt (Similar)- All Saints
Boots- Topman
This outfit was a little bit more formal and put together as I was doing something important and wanted to give the 'I put effort in' vibe as seen with the shirt and the smarter shoes which I do wear regularly. 

Coat- As seen previous
Case- As seen previous
Tee (Similar)- Topman
Jeans (Similar)- Zara
Scarf- Mulberry
I decided to try something different by trying bleached ripped denim and a paler colour scheme as seen in the scarf and the top. I then grounded the lighter palette with the khaki green of the coat.

Coat- As seen previously
Case- As seen previously
Jeans- As seen previously
Shirt- As seen previously
Boots- As seen previously 
Tee- Topman
As you can see, Ive taken some of my favourite pieces from other outfits and with a simple swap of a tee, Ive managed to transform it into a new outfit which gives off a relaxed, put together style.

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