September 25, 2014

Ah, the taboo subject of guys being awkward when it comes to shopping.
Well I've decided to bust these myths and give some advice when it comes to shopping from braving the sales  to investment pieces, Im going to let you into the rules I follow!

DON'T fall for those random sale impulse purchases. Everyone has atleast one (if you don't, I know your lying). Whether its those jeans you thought you desperately needed, or that odd looking jumper everyone has but you didn't like it originally, just because its in the sale DOESNT MEAN you need it. If your contemplating an item, keep hold of it and walk around and look at what else is on offer and see if the deal is worth it, plus also think about how it'd fit into your existing wardrobe and where you'd exactly wear it.
Quality not quantity. I know everyone's fond a cheaper item now and then (Im partial to cheaper basic items that can easily be replaced) but when it comes to certain materials or an investment piece, sometimes paying a bit more is worth it. For example, buy a cheap wool coat and it'll be unlined and itchy, but if you pay just a bit more for one, it'll be finished off to a higher standard and be fully lined etc which means it'll last you longer too.
Just because it has a designer label, doesn't mean you 'have to have it'. Now, I've been guilty of this in the past but now Ive reformed my way of shopping. This is probably one of the worst things people do in TK Maxx and outlets etc where they see a brand and latch onto that piece until they get to the till. But think logically 'Why is this piece here? Whats the issue with it?' Make sure to check sizing, for any visible defaults/imperfections and see if its genuinely what it says it is.
Check washing instructions first. This is a totally odd rule BUT how many times have you bought an item to only then find out that its dry clean only or hand wash? (If you said never, then go and check, you'll be surprised) Make sure that its a material thats suitable for you to deal with and that if it is a specialist clean or hand wash only, that you have time to actually do it or money to spend getting it cleaned (Leather is especially expensive to get dry cleaned due to the nature of it)

Be patient. Don't rush shopping at all, no matter what people say. Take time to browse and see whats around and plan out what you want and where you want to buy it. NEVER rush purchase anything because you never know what your going to discover at the next shop. If you really like something, ask to get it put aside for you and go back and get it later, that way, you know its secure, but you don't have to faff around getting things returned if you see something else instead and you've already purchased something similar (We all know how much of a pain it is to return items!)

I hope these tips are going to help you out as much as they have helped me! If you have any other tips worthy of us guys knowing, feel free to share them below or tweet me at @iyaajayblog 

If you like these sort of posts, let me know also and I'll do more of these in the future. Also make sure to follow my Instagram and Twitter for more day to day styling ideas and general ideas!

Until next time guys

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