September 16, 2014

Sorry I've been away for a little bit. I wanted to take a little step back to think about where I want to take iyaajay and what content I want to share with you guys and I think Ive finally got some great ideas which I can't wait to share with you. To tide you over until my next post, I thought Id share some of my current favourites as I haven't done a favourites post in a few months and with the new season coming up, I thought it was a great time to do so.

First off are my new latest jean obsessions. These ripped knee wonders are courtesy of the Topman sale which I picked up last week and have loved ever since. I originally saw these at the beginning of the season for £38 which I thought was a little steep for essentially trashed jeans so I was incredibly patient until I discovered a pair in my size at my local store for, wait for it......£8! I snapped these up for a crazy price and can't wait to style them throughout the winter. My tip for these is keep the rest of the outfit simple such as a lower back top or with your favourite tee to incorporate these into your love worn collection. Sadly these aren't available online in the sale so make sure to check out your nearest stores.

Next is my latest favourite headwear which yet again, Id been after for for the longest time but never thought I could carry off. Usually these hats don't fit my weirdly large head and look stupid just perched on top but luckily for me, this ASOS number fits perfectly (Hats off to ASOS for actually providing sizes rather then guesstamating your head size) This hat is incredibly versatile for winter and Ive already trial run it when I went to Brighton the other day with my trusty Zara biker, jeans, oversized tee and black Vans and it looked incredibly polished for a relaxed daytime outfit.

I featured this necklace a few months back when I did a Black Tied haul (Click here to read the post) and I have loved this piece as of late. Its a simple but effective layering piece which looks great teamed with a plain tee and this seasons outdoor inspired plaid. This piece has also garnered a lot of attention from people as its a great conversation starter too.

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With LFW happening and a look to whats in store trend wise for SS15, I've revisited a few of my favourite brands and yet again fallen in love with Burberrys offering. I love the spectrum of colour and the fact that Christopher Bailey isn't afraid to take the risk and create a stand out coat or an interesting print (This season featured nature and insects heavily) which I think is a great combination for SS15 as this season was very sombre and darker based and this finally shows that colour can be functional and used in creative ways without looking like an acid trip on legs. I can't wait to see how the high street decide to recreate this whether its print or colour.

I hope you liked this more simple favourites piece, let me know in the comments below if you think I should do more like this in the future.

Until next time guys

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