October 09, 2014

I can safely say that going to Brighton twice in 3 days after being paid is NEVER a good thing for me. Lets delve into the material damage shall we?

All Topman

Oh Topman, why do you do this to me?! Saturday saw the launch of the new Flagship Brighton store and I have to say, I'm very impressed. The layout and styling is very London Oxford Street and you can find in-house brands and exclusive items here too! As it was pretty busy on the first day, I only picked up the grey sweatshirt which a great piece for me as I always roll the sleeves up on sweatshirts and this one has sleeves that finish about half way down my forearm. I love the fact you can chuck it over anything and it'll look great.

I went back on Monday when I knew it would be quieter and did some serious damage. I picked up this longline tee (which was reduced the day after I bought it full price DOH) but I saw it on the Saturday and for some reason decided not to purchase it. I kept thinking about it and then decided finally to get it. The soft fluid tshirt material looks great teamed with darker denim and will be perfect for layering this season. I then picked up a 3 for £7 deal on socks as I wanted some quirkier ones to wear with my Vans (especially the high top versions) and my other high tops. I chose the simple stripe ones for a day when more neutral colours are needed and picked up the skeleton ones as a bit of a joke but I can't wait to style these with my black Vans and jeans for a creepy street style look. Finally I got these mono earrings which surprisingly haven't caused my ear to go green which usually happens with cheaper jewellery. Both ends are domed to really make the pattern pop and add subtle detail to any paired back outfit.

Alphabet Travel Card Holder  (from Oliver Bonas)
Marc Jacobs Burgundy Wool Jumper (purchased from TK Maxx)

No trip to Brighton is complete without a little jaunt to the lanes and the TK Maxx there too. Ive always loved Oliver Bonas pieces and saw this alphabet travel card holder which I thought would be a great card holder especially for when you don't want a heavy wallet etc. I also love the fact that its very streamlined so would also be perfect if your going travelling or for smaller pockets (Nothing worse then over stretching a pocket)

Whilst browsing in TK Maxx, I found two of probably the best purchases Ive ever found in there. Firstly, I came across this Case-Mate gemstone case which is real Turquoise backed onto a sturdy full cover phone case which I love because Turquoise is my birthstone and it looks incredibly luxe too. The RRP on the label said it was originally £100 which is insane for a phone case but I picked it up for a snip at £25 which is enough to pay for a phone case. The only downside is the raised edges round the side mean to charge your phone on a dock, you have to remove the case which is fiddly and nail breaking but I'm getting speedier with it now. Now for the most exciting purchase. Whilst browsing the Gold Label section which is great for discounted Designer pieces (I fell for a Bottega Venetta woven satchel reduced from £2500 to £985) but when I stumbled on this shawl V neck jumper by Marc Jacobs (No diffusion line, straight up Marc Jacobs we're talking) I HAD to have it. The price? Well this jumper should of retailed at the US equivalent of £180 which is nuts for essentially a wooly jumper but I snapped it up for......£30, yep, you read correctly, £30! The only frustrating thing (And yes, I didn't follow my own advice on this *hangs head in shame*) I didn't check the washing instructions but when I did, I found this to be totally impractical for me (Specialist dry clean only!) so I think it'll be a special event type jumper which is rarely worn which is a shame but I don't really fancy paying a small fortune each time to clean it.

Found anything you love lately? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me at @iyaajayblog using the hashtag #IYAAJAYPURCHASES Id love to see what else you guys have been getting lately!

Until next time guys!

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