October 24, 2014

Ah Autumn and Winter, how I love you. As I type this (wearing the traditional blogger get up of pjs, glasses on and hair out the face å la topknot) the weather has dramatically changed over the past couple of weeks and is beginning to feel like that certain season. With the shops filling with christmas goods and full force winter wear, Ive teamed up with Absolute Vintage to bring you my ideal A/W look and a special giveaway for one of you lucky readers to win a £25 online voucher.

Nothing is better in A/W then a trusty coat, so step forward the traditional Barbour. This vintage International is a investment worthy of gold status, and with the right care, will see you through the coldest, wettest winters for many years. The best thing is, the style of this coat is so classic and versatile, it can be teamed with pretty much anything and still look incredibly stylish.

A/W rule: Comfort is king. So whats better then a oversized draped tee? Zara's new Dark Collection offers the perfect one in a rich almost burnished grey tone which will be perfect against a multitude of winter tones such as burgundy and forest green. With its faux leather appliqué on the shoulders, this would be perfect teamed with a darker boot and your favourite jeans for a perfect off duty look, finished off with a beanie and trusty rucksack.

With a rebellious edge still proving strong for A/W, these ripped jeans will make a perfect accompaniment for even the smartest shirt and jumper combo which gives off an inexplicable Christmas vibe. River Island is perfect for denim, not only is it incredibly comfortable due to the stretch (1% elastane gives enough give without suffocating your legs) and would look great styled with tough boots to even the most put together brogue or loafer. A true all season staple!

Every guy needs that ever trusty backpack thats perfect for storing the A/W essentials (this year mine will include the humble beanie, a old faithful plaid shirt and an adaptable thinner knit scarf in a soft cashmere or angora). This hardy Zara back candy is roomy enough without looking bulky. With a multitude of pockets and a slight edge å la Saint Laurent, this is the best example for this season. 

Now, I couldn't choose between these two so in all fairness, I decided to feature both. The Chelsea boots would be perfect for crisp days wondering around, taking in all the winter sights (London is a key visit every year) and the Originals would serve a great purpose for long walks and grabbing a drink at a local pub, a perfect winter warm up. DM's are also a serious investment, like a leather jacket, they get better with age and will see you through even the toughest A/W conditions.

Now for the fun part! THE GIVEAWAY


The competition is being run by me and Absolute Vintage. The winner will receive a £25 online voucher to spend at Absolute Vintage. The winner will be contacted by me and I will pass on the details on behalf of the winner to Absolute Vintage and announced on both mine and Absolute Vintage's Twitter on the 31st October.  The giveaway will run from 11am on the 24th October and will conclude at 11am on the 31st October so it will give you an exact week to enter!

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