July 21, 2015


After a little break and a major dose of sunshine, I'm back with some new ideas and posts and first up is a sneaky little purchase I made at Alain Affelou in Barcelona. For those of you who aren't familiar with that store, its an EU based optical store that stock everything from Ray Ban and Prada, to Carerra and Dior and everything else in between. I originally planned on buying the Dior So Real but after trying on pretty much every colour combination, I couldn't quite justify the money (baring in mind they were around 250-390 euros a pair) but as I finally decided a big nada on them, I decided to check out the huge selection of Ray Bans on offer and actually fell in love with the Ray Ban 4175 Clubmaster Oversized. I already hear the mumble of 'but you have both the Wayfarer and the Clubmaster, why did you buy these?' but fear not and get ready for more details...

"Born from a mesh between two of Ray-Ban's most iconic and popular sunglasses - the Clubmaster and Wayfarer - Ray-Ban Clubmaster Oversized sunglasses are truly one of a kind. Clubmaster Oversized RB4175 sunglasses feature oversized oval lenses paired with Clubmaster-inspired top-rimmed frames and Wayfarer-inspired temple and frame design. These sunglasses have a contemporary design yet maintain a retro feel"

Now I know its an expensive habit buying Raybans but to me, they're classic styles that'll never date, plus Ive had my Wayfarers since 2009 and they're still as good as new (albeit a slightly damaged case) which means they've deserve the cost per wear medal a long time ago. I also love the more retro feel which I get from the Clubmasters but I do find them a little small on sizing which can be uncomfortable after a extended wearing time, so I was really happy to see a crossover between the two. I picked these up for 129 euros which works out at around £91 which, for Ray Ban, is a ludicrously mad price as they usually can be pretty pricy so I couldn't resist.

I think these glasses are honestly a worthy investment if your someone who loves to invest in classic pieces and I also feel that these would suit a lot of face shapes as they hit from brow bone to around mid cheek bone, meaning they're comfortable for long periods of time without causing pain on either your brow or cheek bone. I also love the introduction of the lighter, matte acetate frames which are not only flattering and a different take on the basic black frames, but are also a little bit more durable too. 

Would you spend your money on these? Know any other good sunglasses brands? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,


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