July 08, 2015

From the end of this week, I'll be taking a little break from blogging (its not you, its me, my batteries are seriously drained and I really need a break after the past year whats happened not only on the blog but personal life too) but I thought before I go for a little bit, Ill share with you a little update from the past week.

As some of you may or may not know, I recently started working at Topman (I can't believe its been a month already) and I was given the opportunity to style and curate an entire window for the 'High Summer' trend; think colour blocking, bombers, oversized tees, sports shorts etc. I will admit, I was a little sceptical on how it would look because Ive never been given this opportunity before and I didn't know if my style would be given the green light but here it is! I know its not the best quality photo (cheers iPhone) but Im still a little giddy everytime I walk past because something I worked on is being displayed. 

As a celebration for my first window launch, me and the parents headed to Gunwharf Quays for a Sunday out (another perk of working in fashion retail, some weekend time off) and well, lets just say, the bank account took a hammering. First off, I treated myself to some new Vans as in my new job, I'm on my feet all shift and wanted some more edgier shoes that looked great as well as feeling great too so I was lucky enough to stumble upon these beauties (available here) from the Vans outlet for a great price. I can't wait to style these with one of my favourite looks for work which include a pair of ripped knee jeans and a classic striped tee for a new take on classic style. I trial ran these shoes on Monday where I knew Id be running errands most of the day (risky move I know) and these didnt once rub or cause any irritation which I often find happens when breaking in new Vans. The leather upper is a different take on the traditional canvas and to me, looks a lot more edgy plus gives a more versatile appeal to the shoes.

Whilst also at Gunwharf, I was lucky enough to get my hands on this All Saints Shervan crew which weirdly, I hadn't seen before in store or online, but none the less, was well needed within my wardrobe. This drop back tee is the perfect way of adding this seasons on trend print without being too gaudy and loud, and also adding pattern to your wardrobe if your guilty of wearing a limited palette. I love this pattern and already own the 'Landscape' crew that I previously featured on my blog here. I was also lucky enough that the All Saints Outlet were offering an additional 30% on top of the sale prices so I picked this tee up for around £18 instead of the RRP of £40 which is an amazing deal, especially for All Saints.

I know this a little odd to add to a mens fashion based blog, but I'll admit it, Im a Vogue subscriber. I know your all going 'why? your a guy?' but I actually gain a lot of styling ideas and also use their layouts as inspirations for blog posts and also guys fashion too. When you think about it, the designers use the same mood boards and inspirations for both collections, so why not look at it in a more beautifully edited magazine? Makes you think right...
Anyways, the latest issue for August, with ΓΌber-babe Lara Stone on the cover, just arrived today through my postbox so I can't wait to delve in and also use this as reading throughout my break, especially the features on becoming a new season expert and also when to buy trend calendar.

What have you been loving over the past week? Anything you want to share? Let me and other readers know below! All comments are welcome.

Until next time guys,


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