May 17, 2017

burgundy skinny fit suit - Topman (click here)
longline tee - Topman (click here)
woven loafer - Topman (click here)

Alternative burgundy suits
River Island Skinny Fit Wool Blend Suit via ASOS (click here)
ASOS Super Skinny Fit Suit in Burgundy Twist (click here)
River Island Skinny Suit in Burgundy via ASOS (click here)

Ah prom season is here again, and seeing all the new suits and colours that come out really make me want to redo my prom (nearly 10 years ago which is HORRIFYING) and it got me thinking, thanks to Topmans amazing new suit campaign, what would I wear to my prom now?

When it was my prom, I got stuck in the 'safety' rut of a black suit (slim fit *deep shudder*) with an electric blue shirt, a black crystal covered tie (yep, sometimes I even question my previous taste level) and a bad hair dye job, which left me with my natural colour and half black hair. I thought I looked super cool and edgy at the time but now looking back, it just looks so cringey.

If I was to do prom again, I would follow one of the new rules and thats to shun the traditional 'full suit look' and go for the modern approach of a tee tucked in and pairing it with a pair of interesting loafers with a slight crop to the trousers which gives it a real pop of difference against the sea of grey and black suits. Burgundy seems to be one of the colours that oozes a smart approach but also is incredibly versatile for a whole lot of occasions, be it prom, weddings etc which makes it the perfect investment colour.

if this look is a little too laid back for you, pair it with a crisp white shirt (Head to Topman to pick up your suit and get a FREE shirt with purchase which is an incredible deal!) and black tie with a pair of classic brogues or monk strap shoes for a more Mod inspired look.

What do you think of this look? What would you pair these pieces with? Let me know below or on social media using #IYAAJAY or tag me in your inspired photos!

ALSO  make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram as I'm really trying to put in some more variety and effort into how I show off these looks on there and id love for you to see this too! 

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