June 07, 2017

denim short dungarees - Topman (click here)
black border print short sleeve casual shirt - Topman (click here)

With LFWM starting later this week, I thought id show you what I would wear if I was attending this year. Im all about pushing my style when it comes to fashion week so its the perfect time to break out bold prints and my latest addition to my expanding denim collection, dungaree shorts. I love how versatile these are, and I think they'd be perfect for that street style look everyone loves. Pairing them with this shirt is a little unexpected but also a great way of adding more interest and colour to a predominantly black outfit, but I would also pair them with an oversized sweatshirt for a great take on the slouchy relaxed silhouette which also looks amazing with the dungarees.

What do you think of this look? What would you pair these pieces with? Let me know below or on social media using #IYAAJAY or tag me in your inspired photos!

ALSO make sure to keep an eye on my Instagram as I'm really trying to put in some more variety and effort into how I show off these looks on there and id love for you to see this too! 

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