MEGA May Favourites

June 03, 2013

Ive been loving anything summer related this month and what perfect way then a pair of versatile summer shoes that look amazing with jeans and shorts, and also make you look a lot tanner then usual!

WHY HAD I NEVER BOUGHT THESE BEFORE?! I have been in love with my new storage from Muji as for me, organisation is key, but I hate big bulky storage so this acrylic storage is perfect to not only showcase my jewellery but to also see what else Ive got stored away.

*swoon* these were my first pair of Zara jeans, and now I'm obsessed with them. The fit is incredible as they're almost like traditional denim but have a tincy bit of give to them (perfect for me) and for such a difference to what I'm used to, they go with a lot more items then I thought they would (they look incredible with either a charcoal or darker grey top half so its not all pale and washed out)

This literally hasn't left my neck since I purchased it, and I've worn it with pretty much anything from tee's to jumpers, to under collared shirts. Its such a versatile way of adding the whole chain trend without either the weight, or the gaudiness of some of the other chains available and also makes a nice change from the usual collar studs.

Other favourites....
Favourite Songs
CL- The Baddest Female
1/4 of 2NE1 has shown she's no shrinking violet and came out with her very own single which is super true to her own style and what she's influenced by (more grimey beats and hip hop).

Little Boots- Satellites 
So Little Boots is back with her sophomore album which is a lot more disco and beats driven, and this song has to be my favourite from the album as its so upbeat and different to what's around at the moment.

Favourite Eatery
Pret A Manger
I've been pretty busy out and about in May and whenever I'm starting to feel hungry after blowing the bank account, I always head to Pret, especially now as they've bought back their peach iced tea, which is my absolute favourite thing ever drink wise.

Favourite App's

Pretty late to the band wagon with this but I'm hooked already! Pose first starts off with the basics, and then gets you to do a style quiz to find out who you should be influenced by, and it'll also let you shop some of the items! which is such an amazing addition. If anyone is on there, mines under the same name as my blog, iyaajay

PicFrame is a Instagram lovers dream, as it allows you to seamlessly attach multiple photos together on different scales and allow you to easily edit them with colours, filters and customizeable tags which is perfect for OOTD/OOTN posts and also is perfect to show different angles and aspects of items, which is why a couple of cheeky PicFrame pictures are used on my Instagram and also on here

Junes also a busy month for me, as in a little under two weeks ill be heady off to sunny Spain so blogging from me maybe in a short supply in the next few days but i'll try and do a 'How I pack' post and I'll do a haul of purchases after (if I make any...Wait? Who am I kidding! Of course i'll make purchases!)

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