Update 30/6 Watching, Wearing, Wanting & Waterworks

June 30, 2013

Just thought id put a quick little update on this week.

As I mentioned i've just came back from holiday but what I didn't say was that whilst we were away, we had a slight water issue resulting in my parents room being severely water damaged but luckily we had someone checking in everyday and stopped it before it spread. So now we've started the long process of sorting out everything so i've been assigned the 'designated replacements specialist' so I get to find replacements for whats been damaged. Im just so glad it wasn't my room, otherwise I think I honestly would of had a breakdown!

Also, i've decided to slow down on the spending as I have an expensive few months ahead of me such as my car insurance (complete necessity) birthdays etc but its still doesn't mean I cant lust after eh? Ive been eyeing up a new iPhone as a treat to myself for my 21st in December but I think I may break my ban if Im having a bad day and I think these Vans Classic Slip on's in Rust Tie Dye will be my weakness.

Zara are also trying to tempt me, not only with a sale, but with their stunning new ranges BUT I have to remain strong and not be persuaded.....
Had you fooled didn't i? Ofcourse I already browsed the A/W collection when I visited Barcelona and spotted my Biker Jacket with Elbow Patches which i am O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D over! 

Since i've been spending a bit more time indoors lately, i've been discovering a couple of new bands which i've fallen for;

This sickly sweet electro-pop has had me hooked ever since I caught it on Radio 1 and i've been obsessed with it ever since! CHVRCHES are definitely heading for huge things in 2013-2014.

London Grammar- Wasting My Young Years
This beautiful melody caught me by surprise and i've been humming it to myself so much I just had to download it. Its one of those gentle ballads that then packs a ton of gusto and its a real tear jerker if your in one of those moods but its also strangely uplifting, almost like 'i've been knocked down but heck i'm gonna get back up' sort of anthems.

Ill also be posting a review of Gucci's new aftershave Gucci Guilty Black in a couple of days time so keep posted guys!

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