Shoe Envy- All Saints

June 07, 2013

Okay, so I know the UK is currently super warm and finally seeing some sun, but I'm already aiming to pick and purchase pieces for my Autumnal wardrobe (oops, I know its a issue)

Step forward and command attention to the All Saints Corporal Boot, with its double zip (perfect for people who are lazy with laces like me) simple enough to style with anything but also lend that perfect tough edge to the simplistic wardrobe that comes with the colder months (think layers, texture, cosy fabrics etc)

I know they're outpricing even me, but maybe I might be lucky to snap a pair up in the sale OR if they're still available when its my 21st (6 months time, super scary!) I may treat myself.

What do you think guys? Worth the investment or completely impractical? 

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