May 12, 2014

Ever felt indecisive about a certain item? Worried about what people are going to say about something your going to purchase? Well, Mallzee is the app for you!

Mallzee has been described as the 'Tinder of the fashion world' where, to gain more knowledge of your style and preferences, you swipe left to discard an item your not likely to wear, or right if you love it and have to have it.

Mallzee lets you instantly purchase, save for later or ask your nearest and dearest for their opinion on your latest fashion discovery, which is perfect if your either shopping alone or buying clothing as a present (Admit it, everyone knows atleast one person who's incredibly fussy when it comes to clothes)

From over half a million products and over 200 brands, Mallzee acts as your own portable stylist, filtering through all the results to find the perfect item for you. With advanced search options too, you can really whittle the options down to find that perfect item. With brands ranging from Asos to Urban Outfitters, French Connection to Miss Selfridge (Don't worry guys! Mallzee has us covered too when you sign up for free) there really is something for everyone.

Whats also great is you can also gain that valuable second opinion. Stuck on an item your unsure of? Upload a picture to Mallzee for your friends to see and gain some valuable first hand opinions, or if you see something that is a total gem you know someone would love, share it with them instantly to get their reaction.

When trialing Mallzee earlier, I came across some key pieces I love for SS14, which is perfect for the upcoming events going on, plus this app is perfect for me when out and about, especially when I'm looking for something ultra specific, like a certain cut, style or design. I think Mallzee could real influence how we see fashion and social media as brands rely heavily now on driving their latest collections online and this app really highlights brands people would be interested in and could covert for years to come.

Mallzee is available for iPhone and iPad here 

**This is a unpaid sponsored post with information given to me by Mallzee, but all opinions are my own**

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