May 02, 2014

I decided to get a bunch of you guys to ask me some questions on the Facebook group MBloggers, a great platform for male bloggers to converse and also see what else inspires us to blog.
Here we go!

Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?
This was a bit of a tough one for me as I don't seem to have a person that I follow and obsess over, or a certain type of dressing but I think I could actually pinpoint it down to a magazine. Now, I know Vogue is a womens fashion magazine, but most of mens fashion translates from the same mood boards for each designer so I like to see how pattern/colour is interpreted by different styles etc. I love nothing more then flicking through the editorials and rafts of must haves to see what I should keep my eye on.

What are some of your current obsessions?
L-R All Saints  shacket, Michael Kors watch, All Saints loafers
Im going through a bit of a preppy/grunge phase where Im teaming oversized grungy plaid with classic pieces from timewear to footwear. This All Saints shacket (shirt jacket) is perfect for the upcoming months as its light enough to wear by itself but looks just as great chucked over a tee or tank. The timeless Michael Kors was a 21st gift and I love how the bold gold bezel adds a touch of interest and class to any outfit. The All Saints loafers are a recent addition to the ever-expanding shoe collection, but the joys of TK Maxx had those beauties from £130 down to £30 so I honestly couldn't turn them down!

What do you think will be big fashion hits for men next season?
Zara SS14 collection of MATCHING PRINTS I think will be huge this season
I think sports luxe with a dash of tropical influence will be huge this season, thanks to Givenchy and its modern take on roses and sportswear worn as high fashion. Zara's SS14 collection pays homage to this by teaming airy tropical basketball tanks with edgy leather and either slick tailored jeans or oversized, modern slouchy shorts. I love the fact this can be dressed up or down but wouldn't look out of place in the glossy pages or catwalk.

What do you spurge on?
HUF SS14 snapback, Maria Francesca Pepe earcuff, Rayban Clubmasters, Cambridge Satchel Company 15'' Oxblood satchel
I tend to splurge on accessories more then clothing, as you can even make the plainest outfits pop with the addition of a couple of well chosen accessories to give the outfit edge without being too fussy. My current favourites are my ever trusty Cambridge Satchel Company satchel which I use everyday but was a total investment, my Rayban Clubmasters which add a classic style to any outfit but pop with the bold gold half frames, my HUF SS14 snapback which is great for plainer outfits as its a simple piece but made modern with the earthy pattern and finally my Maria Francesca Pepe studded earcuff which is always a conversation starter and looks incredible teamed with a slick white shirt, black skinny jeans and chelsea boots.

What is the biggest tip you can give to anyone wanting to start a fashion blog?
Perseverance is key. I think thats the one thing bloggers etc have to stay true to as you won't become the biggest thing overnight, you have to show what your truly like first and build connections and also a content your proud of. Blogging isn't an easy job so you have to set yourself apart so you have to be able to persevere and push through the barriers ahead.

What is your biggest challenge with fashion blogging?
I think my biggest challenge is creating new content that people are actually going to read as its so easy to keep doing the same content but after a while it just gets a bit too repetitive and boring. It usually takes me a week of planning and editing ideas before I start photographing/gathering content, and then Im limited with time due to working (as I've said before, blogging isn't my main job) so posts aren't always going to be regular which I think is another challenge for me of being consistent.

What is your favourite outfit from your blog?
This was a toughy, but I think my favourite outfit so far has actually been my Halloween outfit from last year that I wore for work when I went as Edward Cullen (yes I know its not scary, but I work in retail and couldn't really scare people could I?). This look took a lot longer then expected as I have a whole face of makeup on, I had to reinforce my hair to get it to stay in place all day, and I ended up with a red eye due to the brow powder, but all in all I think it was pretty effective.

Finally, What is the last piece of clothing you bought?
I'd been on the hunt for the perfect white shirt for the impending Summer wedding season, and happened to find this AW13 treasure from Jack Wills at their outlet in Portsmouth. The material is a perfect mix between thickness and breathability (nobody wants to be stuffy at a wedding) plus the fit and quality is on point too for a great deal. Originally this shirt should of cost £69.50 which is a lot for a plain shirt but a total classic every guy should have at hand, but I picked it up for £39 which is a total bargain as I know I'll get so many uses from it.

So there we go guys! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did

Until next time

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