June 06, 2014

At the beginning of the year, I decided to finally be healthier then I have been, so that meant adapting my diet (I took onboard the 5:2 method, which has proven great so far) and also step up my activity level. Now, I knew about fuel bands and fitness trackers for sometime but hadn't really known much about them due to hardly any reviews etc so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase one.

I decided to go with the Nike+ FuelBand SE, as I had done a bit of research beforehand and thought this one would fit what I want better then the others. I wanted one that would allow me to adapt my goals and also what Im aiming for. 

So lets get into the review shall we!

First off, the simple styling of the band allows easy access to each of the functions without people going 'WHAT IS THAT?'. With one simple push button, the screen easily flicks between the different options, giving you a display of how much you've done so far today such as Fuel (which is your overall target for the day and also shown with the coloured lights at the top), calories burned, and also your steps. You can also add on a function that alerts you to move for 5 mins every hour, if your more confined to a desk job etc, but I decided to not opt for this as it already makes me want to move more and beat my set goals.
Nikes simple but effective userface

When it comes to putting the band on, theres a easy press closure to open the back, with the connector for charging hidden inside which also acts as the secure fastening. Sizing of the band is easy to decipher as on the side of the box there are 3 exact sizing lines, which you place against your wrist and see which size would fit correctly. I got mine in a size M/L which is a little big (about a fingers gap between the band and my wrist) but if I went smaller, it'd be too tight and hurt. Sizing can also be adapted with the expander and special tool that comes in the box too which adds an extra section to take the band from a M to a L.
Nikes easy to use connector/secure fitting

What also drew me to the Nike+ FuelBand is the fact its also connectivity to an app which helps motivate you with new trophies and awards when you've hit certain highlights etc (whilst typing this, I checked and within the 11/2 weeks of owning this, I've already hit 25k,beat my daily goal by 50% and increased my daily goal). I love the more personal feel and also spur you on to try and beat what you've already achieved. You can also sync this with friends and social media so you can also get encouragement from friends and family but also see how well your doing at the same time. I also love the user friendly app which simply connects to the band by Bluetooth (one of the only things Ive found that works with the iPhone Bluetooth) also engages you with showing you how your currently doing, and also how many 'hours' you've won (Hours won on the Nike+ FuelBand celebrate the hours in your day in which you've earned six or more NikeFuel per minute for at least five consecutive minutes)
Nikes user friendly app and user face 

Overall, Im obsessed with this little gadget and have already seen some visible results when combining this with the diet Im also following and I can't wait to put it to some great use during the summer. I plan on using it whilst Im on holiday as Ill be doing a lot more walking and want to see how much I cover whilst there. I also think this is a great motivator for me to be more active and not just sit down (This is the longest I've sat down all week whilst typing this review)

Nike+ FuelBands can be purchased at NikeAppleHarrods, and other stockists.

Until next time guys!

**I purchased this product myself and Nike haven't sponsored me to review it. All the opinions and images are my own**

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