June 17, 2014

So it seems every year theres a new hairstyle that every guy goes mad for (remember the dark times of the Justin Bieber fringe, and fondly wave at last years extreme quiff) theres a new, more laid back hairstyle that seems to be donning most guys heads. From Jared Leto at awards season, to Harry Styles running errands, the 'Mun' (the man-bun, creative name I know) is the perfect balance of 'yep I did make an effort' and 'well I woke up late' which is perfect for the upcoming summer months. 

How I get my hair cut (longer on top with a full back undercut) and how I style my version of the Mun

Now, I have to admit, I was originally totally sceptical about going for a quiff but ever since having one, Ive loved it so I decided to up the ante and go full force on the Mun front. When I go to the hairdressers, I get the top section left as long as possible with a micro cut to keep the ends tidy and also stimulate growth (Micro cuts stimulate growth by tricking the hair to repair the new cut ends) and then I get a grade 2 buzz cut with a grade 1 on the sides to add a more modern take on the short back and sides. I love the versatility this haircut gives me as I can either turn it into a Mun, slick it back for a 50's look or blow-dry it back to give a more modern take on the previous look (the technique I was taught was to use the hairdryer on the lowest blow speed on the hottest heat and to hold it about 1 1/2 inches away from the brush whilst bringing the hair back to create volume)

The essential Mun products

When it comes to creating the Mun, theres two ways I go about it. If I want a more casual, daytime appropriate version, after washing my hair, I spray the top section of hair with Toni and Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray to create a grippier texture/the effect of day 2 hair, and then comb the section to flatten any shorter pieces ready to tie up with a simple snag-free hairband (Boots do some great ones, and don't be suckered into any of those rubbery slim ones, they snag and grip on hair and really hurt when trying to take them out). Whilst drying, you usually get a few flyaway parts so either use a light hairspray to slick it back or tuck them in for a slightly less disheveled look. 

For a more smarter approach if you have longer hair, follow the first steps, and then use a hairdryer to make sure your hair is around 2/3 dry and liberally use a cream styling paste (I swear by the Redken Mess Around 10 cream paste that I love so much it got its own designated post here) which will hold it in place and be a slicker approach (think Jared Leto at the Golden Globes) Secure in place with a hairband and let the cream paste set, which holds like hairspray but gives the shine making it look like its all natural.

There you have it guys, my take on this seasons hottest mens hairstyle trend. What do you think? Is it here to stay like the classic short back and sides, or is it limited like the long sweeping fringe? Let me know in the comments below!

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Until next time guys!

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