August 29, 2014

Theres nothing I like more then getting to try new hair products and I happily stumbled upon Redkens 12 and 28 and ugh, I've fallen for them.

Now, I know what your thinking 'you loved the 10, why do you need the 12 and 28?' well, the truth is, the 10 works perfectly for me when I have shorter hair but since I'm growing the top part longer, the hold just isn't there and I need something with a bit more backbone to support it (the joys of having thick hair).

The 12 is a rough ragged texture paste that can be used in damp or dry hair to create a pieced, rough, edgy texture which is perfect for city swept styles and 'i don't care' attitudes that sometimes I go for. Ive been using it on towel dried hair, and use a chewing gum sized piece (which is easily to judge with the handy, toothpaste like pump) and rub it between my hands to then sweep through before blow drying using a wider tooth hairbrush to create both volume and texture, with the hold of concrete (I kid you not, this stuff is strong). What I also love is the fact you can build up the intensity which is perfect for unpredictable weather. The only downside is that because the casing is a dense plastic, you can't judge how much product there actually is so Im being super careful to not overuse it.

Moving on to the 28, which is probably the holy grail of hairspray for me (WHY have I not found this sooner?!). This super strong hold, humidity defying hairspray is the lightest spray I've ever used (think wider nozzle with a light spray) which holds perfectly without feeling crunchy and crispy like so many other extra hold sprays. Like the 12, build ability is key and this can either be used to lightly secure hair to give natural movement still, or built up to a wind defying hold, perfect for English weather. What I also love is the fact that both of these products easily wash out, and don't leave any sticky residue or, I'm gonna get graphic here, crusty pieces *gag* like other 'extra hold' products which claim to be easily changeable but give that horrible greyish tint to hair and flaky texture which just isn't a good look for anyone. 

I defiantly think the money is worth it for both these pieces. Yes I know Redken is expensive, but with one product, you can create the hold of 3-4 other branded products so essentially splurging on one is saving you on others (weird analysis I know, but do the maths, haircare isn't cheap and if one product that costs a bit more does it better then a few mid range priced products, its actually saving you money and hassle) and I will clearly repurchase these when I run out. The longevity of Redken products also mean you don't have to keep repurchasing them often, as you get a lot of product for your money and because of the quality, a little goes a long way.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming collaboration between TREND and myself on A/W14s strongest looks for both guys and girls

Until next time guys!


**I have purchased these products myself and have not been endorsed by any company. The comments and ideas in this blog are my own**

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