August 08, 2014

   Shoes: Vans SK8-HI
NOW / OUTFIT 1: shorts- Topman (Similar due to black not available online) // tee- Topman AW13 // socks- Topman AW13
THEN / OUTFIT 2: vest- Topman // shirt- All Saints (Similar) // shorts-legging combo- Zara (No longer available)
LATER / OUTFIT 3: jeans- Jack Wills // shirt- Ralph Lauren (Similar) // beanie- Lucus

I thought Id try something a little different when it comes to styling and thought about transitional pieces instead. Last week I picked up the Vans SK8-HI which I've been after for the last few months and decided to style them for 3 different seasons.

When it comes to summer styling, I kept it simple with an interesting patterned tee, neutral socks and then a more relaxed pair of shorts. I wore this outfit the other day and I think its perfect for summer as its versatile as you can swap the tee for a vest when it gets hotter, or layer jumpers or shirts over if the weather clouds over.

The second look is more something I would wear during the Autumn, where its still warm but at night it gets a little colder. With this look, I would tie the shirt round the waist to add another element to the bottom half with the shorts/leggings and boots combo. The cut off vest is a staple for layering as its thin enough for when it gets warmer, but is perfect under a shirt, such as how I styled it.

For the final look, I looked towards Winter for inspiration and the uniform of shirts and jeans. I picked a pair of skinny jeans that I would cuff so that you still get a bit of exposure without being freezing (Ive done that before, and learnt!) and then paired it with the thicker, oversized shirt. The look reminds me of a 90s skater where theres a juxtaposition between sizing and the nonchalant attitude when it comes to pairing pieces together.

If you liked this way of doing styling posts, let me know via the comments below or tweet me at @iyaajayblog, Id love to see what you think!

Until next time guys,


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