August 01, 2015

Brace yourself for a very honest 'Whats in my bag'

Since being at my new job, Ive found myself carrying more and more stuff with me and finally decided to get a bag that'll be adaptable as well as looking stylish to boot.

Whilst on the hunt for the perfect tote, I came across this little beauty which would solve all my ever-growing amount of stuff or so I thought. Topmans Premium Black Canvas Tote Bag is unfortunately a little disappointing to me as I thought this would really solve my problems but has actually added to them. The top straps aren't long enough to put the bag under your arm unless you've got super tiny arms which for a tote defeats the object, and are just big enough if your going to hold it, which is near on impossible due to the flimsy nature of the canvas, which is ideal if your bags going in a locker all day, but is a little bit of a pain when carrying. I thought the saving grace would be the long strap, but was I wrong. The long strap cannot be adjusted in any way so its either full length or nothing, which is brilliant if your tall, but being 5ft9, hits mid thigh to below knee, making it awkward to walk as your constantly walking into your bag, smacking it with your leg, or if your realllllly lucky, you end up with scratches from the stitching on your leg if your wearing shorts.

Unfortunatly because this bag is a premium item, it can only be returned to a flagship or online but because I received this through my colleague discount, I can't return it so Im now stuck with a bag that doesn't really work for me at all.

So far, so bad.

I always make sure I have a pair of sunglasses with me at all time due to suffering from really bad reaction to bright light so I usually chuck my Rayban Original Wayfarers in my bag as they go with everything and also have G-15 lenses which are perfect to combat bright light. 

Now, I know your probably think this is quite girly, but I usually have a pouch of plasters, hairbands and a tiny container as you never know when your going to need them. I have an entire pack of hairbands in there just incase someone needs one or mine snaps, and a ton of plasters as I'm prone to blisters and being on my feet the entire shift each time does urge on the issue of blisters. I bizarrely always also have a small plastic container in there too just incase, for any reason, if I have to take my earring out and don't want it getting lost in the depth of my bag. It also comes in handy if you have a button thats come off etc.

If I'm carrying a large bag, I always make sure that I have my bigger wallet then my tiny card holder because I'm more likely to need more then just my card. In here I usually have change for parking or food, my colleague card, and other usual wallet items. This wallet has actually held up really well as I must of had it for around 4 years and theres been no damage or fraying which is surprising, especially seeing the amount of abuse its received from all my spending. Now I also wouldn't get anywhere without my work lanyard, so I ALWAYS make sure its in there too because I'm prone to losing items like this (I must of lost about 6 name badges where I used to be)

As I park outside of town and walk in, I always make sure I have a can of deodorant with me just incase I do get too hot during my walk in and nobody wants to see a hot mess at work do they? My current favourite is the Sanex for Men Invisible antiperspirant deodorant as I tend to wear a lot of black or white to work and don't want any signs of either staining or white marks that deo's can usually cause. I also make sure I have a travel dry shampoo in my bag to combat greasy hair, especially if Im going to wear a hat at work and don't want greasy roots. I bought this Aussie Miracle Dry Shampoo Mega Instant for holiday and have continued to use it for work as its a clear spray so theres none of that chalky residue, and it really works quickly to remove excess oil, perfect for work! This may sound weird, but I can't have normal tissues. I find them quite course and rough so always opt for Kleenex Balsam pocket packs as they're perfect for flinging into your bag on the go but you don't have that risk of causing red eyes or nose which is never a good look. And I honestly wouldn't be human if I didnt have crappy old receipts in the bottom of my bag, I mean who doesnt!? (If you answered no, then I will check!) Luckily going through my bag made me throw them away as they're usually just food ones and I never really need them.

What do you have in your bags? Anything you can't leave without? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,


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