October 20, 2015

Theres nothing better then recharging the batteries for a few days.

Yesterday I got back from a long weekend down in the New Forest which was well deserved and it was heaven (well apart from the lack of phone signal within the park itself) but it was lovely just to kick back, have no worries about emails or work and just appreciate nature. Id highly recommend doing a long weekend stay in the New Forest, not just to unwind, but to also see things you wouldn't often see or hear (such as wildlife pretty much everywhere, and little to no noise) which makes for a really relaxing time.

Whilst on our long weekend, we decided to spend the whole day at Gunwharf Quays as we didnt have to rush back or have any other plans for that day so we could leisurely look without worry which was actually really relaxing for shopping (odd I know)

Dr Marten 1460 boot in Deep Mahogany 
I know I shouldn't of, but I did.
I promised myself that I didnt need anymore DM's but if I was to get anymore pairs, they'd have to be different to the numerous black ones that I already own so I decided to pick up some in a slightly more autumnal hue. I love the fact that these go with pretty much anything but aren't as bold as the cherry red that they also make so these make for an unexpected choice. I also love that these are a thinner, softer leather and will age beautifully over time and wear too. These usually retail at around the £110 mark, but they were reduced to £75 which, for a pair of quality leather boots is somewhat of a steal. I already broke these out when we visited Lymington, a little seaside town full of quirky shops and a really laid-back vibe which reminded me of Lewes and Battle.

Calvin Klein Steel boxers in Ultrablue and Navy and their Lounge trousers in Black
No trip to Gunwharf is complete without a splurge-a-thon at Calvin Klein, especially with the sale season currently going on. I picked up the usually £25 a pair boxers for £15-16 a pair (they vary prices between the colours) and the lounge trousers were reduced from around the £39 mark to £25. I know that sounds mad for whats essentially a long pair of boxers with pockets BUT oh god are they comfy. The super soft cotton is great and also not too thick and bulky which is perfect for this time of year at home, well worth checking out if your near the outlets anytime soon! I broke the trousers out as soon as we got back that evening to road test how comfy they were as Id spent the entire day in spray on jeans and it was heaven! (if you wear spray on jeans, you know what I mean!)

All Saints Finis tee and Dip shirt in Granite
All Saints were offering probably the best sale deals at Gunwharf when I went. Not only were the items there reduced by a considerable amount, an additional 30% was taken off at the till too! I picked up the Finis tee as Id eyed it up before in-store but couldn't justify spending £50 on it, especially because its a hand wash only item which isn't the most ideal for me but oh well. This tee was reduced to £22 then rang up at £15.40 which is a huge saving of £34.60 which is insane! I loved this Dip shirt too when it originally came out, especially with the versatility with the pattern and ombre of the shirt, and also the interesting details such as the off set invisible top button, which add a difference without being too overly fussy. Originally the price tag was a hefty £90 but it was reduced to £65 which I thought was a little bit more justifiable as I know ill get a hell of a lot of wear out of it, but oh it gets better, it rung up at £45.50, which is more or less half price. I can't wait to style these pieces for the upcoming months.

Anywhere you'd recommend for a long weekend getaway? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,


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