October 10, 2015

I hate doing these posts, but I feel like I owe you guys an explanation to why Ive been pretty quite on the blogging front and social media in a way.

In the past few months I've been struggling with the whole life/work balance and sadly my blogging had to take a second priority whilst I sorted out my schedule as to when I could do posts and really work on what I love but unfortunately I've been struggling on ever since and tried to keep up but couldn't. I felt myself getting more anxious and nervous about things because I couldn't cope with how much I had to do (blogging isn't my full time job as I support this by working also) and I felt like I needed a break to refocus and also think of some new ideas for my blog.

On the work front, I recently got promoted to Denim Specialist in store which is an incredibly key job as I'm now in charge of all the denim layout, how its styled on the shop floor, giving the customer the best knowledge I can give about denim etc and this'll increase to actually taking control of the denim stock and ordering in pieces I believe would be a great fit for our customers. This took me by surprise getting this position as I recently passed my 3 month period and thought I wouldn't of been given such an important role so early so Im working to prove that it was worth it. In this role, Im learning a hell of a lot of interesting content that if you guys wanted, I could share with you about denim such as care guides, what fit fits best etc, just let me know in the comments below if you'd like to see me do more articles like that rather then styling etc.

As for blogging? Ive been struggling, I will admit. Id hit a creative block and was crippled by what to write when my mind was racing at 100 times the usual rate and I couldn't string more then 2 sentences together but I feel like after this break, Im ready to come back. I also hate typing this, but I was getting really disheartened at how cut throat the blogging community has become in the past few months and how work opportunities are now few and far between, especially in the fashion segment as companies only seem to go for the well known people rather then giving smaller bloggers an opportunity. I can't actually think of the last time I collaborated with a  company I truly believe in and I was really happy with the results. I know that sounds harsh, but I get really odd offers of work from companies that really don't fit well with the work I love, but when I ask companies and come up with great ideas, it all falls flat which after a while can get a little upsetting, especially when you see its the same people over and over again. I love blogging, and this is in no way bashing people that have helped me and also come to be friends, but doesn't that annoy you too? 

Ive now decided to change my schedule to just one post a week when I'm working, but when I get a week off, ill be creating two posts a week as I have more usable time.

I just want to say a huge thank you for everyone who's been there for me whilst I've taken a little break and also for the readers who have also given me the support in reading my content too.

Until next time guys,


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