November 01, 2015

Happy weekend guys!
I thought Id do something a little different today and share what I've learnt since being the designated denim specialist at the Topman store I work at. Recently we ran a 'This Is Denim' campaign where we took the rules and ran with them, challenging guys to change how they think about denim and step out of the box when it comes to the classic staple.

Alongside stepping out of my denim comfort zone, I also learnt new roll techniques (yep, theres more then 1 way to roll!) and also how to properly care for your denim and tips that are definitely too good to not share with you guys.

Heres my 4 handy tips to keep your denim tip top;

I honestly can't stress this step enough. Brands put these instructions in for a reason, they want you to love your denim as much as they do. Always make sure to follow the washing instructions to the letter and don't treat them like any old item! If your really keen on keeping your denim super clean, you can also invest in specialist denim cleaning care that you can pick up here.

I know this sounds odd, but it honestly works. The shape holds better and also you avoid losing colour in bars/patches which, it you wear a lot of black or blue denim, it can be quite a headache to keep it looking new after a continuous period of wear.

Ive done this before and trust me, its not fun at all. When you tumble dry denim, especially ones with added stretch, it shrinks and tightens the fibres which although mean they're skin tight to begin with, lose shape rapidly after, which then means your jeans become ill fitting and baggy which isn't good if your aiming for skin tight. Ive also found the friction caused in tumble drying can also rub colour too. If your patient enough, drying flat is ideal for denim as it keeps the fibres neat and even.

I know this sounds uber-gross but bare with me on this in this crazy logic. If you repeatedly wash jeans (say after every couple of wears) the fibres get broken down due to friction and not only do they fade rapidly, but they are more prone to fraying and breaking, which, when you think of it, is just mortifying (needless to say, this has happened to me once *shudders*) My tip for this? Only wash denim when the waist band goes baggy. That way, the fibre has been well and truly worn and then will go back to original. Also if you obsessively wash your jeans (don't lie, I know your out there!) colour will rapidly fade so your once fresh black jeans will look a murky grey in a matter of weeks which nobody needs!

I hope you liked this post, if you'd like me to do more guides, let me know in the comments below!

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Until next time guys,


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