September 25, 2015

 Ive been a huge fan of skinny jeans for a fair few years, ever since they really took off during the early 00's. Ive tried numerous pairs, styles, brands etc and I have to say, Ive got quite the collection but never really felt brave enough to try a pair of Super Spray On.

For those not in the know, Super Spray On are not for the fainthearted, skin tight, DVT inducing jeans with a tendency to break within the day but since losing a considerable amount of weight, and feeling daring, Ive decided to take on the challenge.

Let the styling commence!


Okay,so first up its the all important jeans. I don't often gravitate towards blue denim anymore because its hard to find a pair that used to suit me without making me look huge (the joy of huge calves and thighs, anything light makes everything look massive) but what sold me was the small details such as the copper rivets and matching stitching which add a modern twist. The wash of the denim is a true blue with a slight rinse down the leg to add a little bit of interest too.

Next up was what to pair with it. I live in longline items and thought this super longline knitted tee/shirt combo would be amazing as it balances out the super tight fit with a super slouchy feel top half which is one of my key rules (When playing around with volume, stick to the rule of tight on the lower, roomier on the top, and vice versa) This top also comes in handy if jeans break because of the length it covers up any issues (its happened before and its bound to happen again, don't ask)

Finally, the deliberation of the shoes. Boots are my go to with any jeans because I think they lift the look and also add a bit more of a indie vibe which I love at the moment (think Dougie Poynter for key reference). I think this look could be great with both of these boots for different times of the day. If I was going to be wearing this for the day, I would use the Dr Martens which add a level of toughness to the look (theres a few remaining sizes here) but for a more dressy approach, Id be tempted to reach for the chelsea boot, like these Topman ones that look great with most looks. 

Would you wear this look? How would you style these jeans? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,


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