November 08, 2015

Hey guys, since the weather in the UK seems to of changed pretty rapidly in the past couple of weeks, I thought Id share with you a couple of pieces I've recently picked up and how id style them for the winter months too.

If you've followed my blog or Instagram for some time, you'll know I'm obsessed with plaid shirts and have a rapidly growing collection and knew this one would make a great addition for the AW15 season. I love the way you can dress this up and down with the addition of different jeans and buttoning too. For during the day, id pair it with the jeans picture and some of the buttons undone for a slightly more casual look and then do the buttons up and pair them with black jeans for a more dressed up take.

Ive been after some new knitwear for quite a while but its a bit of a struggle when your allergic to wool and also get really too hot wearing it but I think I finally found the perfect balance. This jumper is quite a skinny fit and also offers a slight fisherman collar, this seasons new favourite. I love the added interest in the knit with all the detail and the fact that its super versatile for layering/styling different ways which is perfect for work. I can't wait to style it under a leather jacket with this khaki hat and also a killer pair of jeans and boots for my take on modern dressing.

Im gonna be pretty honest, these jeans actually scared me before I bought them. As I used to be bigger in size (not quite ready to go into a blog post about that, but maybe in time I will) I used to avoid anything this light with a passion because I used to be scared they'd make me look even bigger which hit me pretty hard. Since my legs have actually got considerably smaller, Ive loved experimenting more with denim cuts and colours, and finally decided to bite the bullet and try these. The spray on fit a little more generously then my super sprays which hurt like hell but look great, so these will be perfect for everyday use. I love the way these look with the subtle rips on the knees and the slightly worn wash which surprisingly goes with a lot of pieces, including the first shirt I showed which I think will look great together paired with a parka and chelsea boots.

What styles are you going with this season? Anything your looking forward to wearing? Let me know below or over on my Twitter or over on my Snapchat 'IYAAJAY' where I also post daily updates.

Until next time guys,


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