November 22, 2015

Ive kept this little review pretty secretive (well apart from the odd little name dropping on my social media) but I can finally announce that Ive teamed up with FRENDS headphones to showcase the new Taylor headphones in Gunmetal which have recently launched to much hype!

FRENDS headphones are the perfect combination of style and sound, with the Taylor being the perfect modern statement piece. The distinctive silhouette and unparalleled sound quality round out this addition to your wardrobe as your most justified accessory to date. And with the release of the latest Gunmetal collection accompanied with hints of Rose Gold detailing makes a bold yet refined statement, these are made to be noticed!

Spotted on everyone from Harry Styles to Rita Ora, FRENDS have carved out the perfect luxury tech available on their own site, they're also available at Net-a-porterLuisaviaroma and Urban Outfitters.

The sound quality on these are second to none (I have to say, these are better then both pairs of Beats and Monster headphones I've owned which are rather tinny compared to the rich sounds and strong bass these deliver) The headphones fit neatly into the faux leather pouch that comes included in the box, and also have a nifty fold flat ability meaning damage is minimised too. Another point I LOVE about these is the material feature around the cord which means they don't get tangled or damaged unlike some other headphones we all know of!

With their sleek leather top structure and memory foam padded headphones fit perfectly around your ear to deliver 360 degrees of sound as well as comfort which is a total bonus if your going to be using these religiously like I will! They're also easily adjustable using their sealed internal headband, meaning they can easily be adapted without hurting or snagging hair, which I've had happen so many times with other pairs. They feel incredibly sturdy and are a little bit on the heavier side but, remembering the quality, its worth the slight heaviness they give to the ears.

The Taylors also include the ability to change the volume, pause/play music and also have the microphone function which is perfect for calls on the go too, as well as not having to fumble for your phone when your waiting for a call.

What also sets FRENDS apart from the crowd is the impressive variety of customisation these allow, with just the simple twist of the stylish conical cap, you can switch them out to anything that suits your mood, style or latest must have trends, meaning these headphones will ALWAYS be in style!

Since my Taylors are edgy with the addition of the Gunmetal colour way, I decided to take it further by pairing them with my biker jacket and striped tee combo, perfect to make the headphones pop and turn heads too. Ive also paired them with a slightly more put together look and they looked great also, which really shows how versatile they really are.

NOW for the best bit, use the code 'jaylovesFRENDS' for 15% off ANY FRENDS headphones at their official site, with the offer being valid until the 31st December, perfect to treat someone special this Christmas or to just spoil yourself! 

Until next time guys,



** This is post is kindly sponsored by FRENDS who presented me with a gift code to purchase a pair of their headphones and also offer you, the reader, with discount also. The photos and review are all my own wording and opinions, with some information for the product being taken from the official website **

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