July 18, 2016

I don't often do skincare reviews as I'm no expert on the subject (If you want to read great skincare reviews, head over to MANFACE, where Thom creates some amazing content and reviews) but when I did read a press release regarding these, I knew I had to get my hands on them as soon as they launched.

Making their move into the mask market, there are 3 available in the PureClay masks; Detox, Glow and Purity, all which claim to target the three main areas of skincare. Now as with every new product, I'm always a little sceptical because theres no other reviews to read, no other people to ask so its risky but I'm so glad I took this plunge.

The packaging is incredibly weighty and feels a lot more expensive then it is (£7.99 per pot for approx 10 uses), my only little gripe is theres no applicator which means you've gotta stick your fingers right in which if you have a slight thing with germs isn't the best but hey, I'm shoving those fears aside for this product. I usually love Loreal products, especially their haircare, so I was excited to try these out and push them to the limits.I tend to hate the smell of these products but they're all slightly fragranced to take off the weird musty/muddy smell they all seem to have (or is that just me?) I love the fact that these can either be applied all over the face, or you can create a combo that fits perfectly to the different areas of your face (like Ive done) I suffer with a super oily T zone, so I made sure to hit this area with the Detox mask, a dark grey with charcoal that aims to detoxify and clarify, when feeling the T zone now feels super smooth with a decrease in pore size. Ive used charcoal masks before and found that they're usually really drying and irritating but this one, with its creamy formula has left my skin treated without the crusty dry feeling. The reddish areas of my face, I've used the Glow mask, placed where the light would usually hit my face (temples and under eye area) With its added Red Algae, it brightens and exfoliates the skin, really giving it that added boost and perk. My under eye area nows looks brighter and more refreshed and dewy. Finally the mint green areas are the Purity mask with Eucalyptus which purifies and mattifies skin which is great if you have combo skin where it can be dry at times or oily. I decided to use this where I have been getting quite a few spots to calm down the skin and also take off the shine of being busy/a little sweaty (anyone else hate that weird sheen you get if your just a bit too hot?)

All in all, I definitely recommend these as a great introduction into face masks and also finding what suits your skin and I can't wait to really get use out of these.

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