July 12, 2016

Im super sorry I've not done a new post in a while, works got super busy lately (if you work in retail, you know that this gap between July and September is usually busy with back to school and students) but I got away for my weeks holiday to Spain with the family last week and it was such a great time to kick back, get some sun and also relax because I never seem to slow down. To get a proper break, I didnt take my phone, laptop, iPad etc with me so I had no distractions and could totally unwind.

Whilst away, I visited Barcelona for the annual 'splurge-a-thin' where I usually pick up something that I've been saving for and this time, I really wanted to finally get my hands on Dior sunglasses (I was super close last month but had such issues with trying to get them that I decided to walk away from one pair) so I decided to take the opportunity to try on all the different styles and see which ones would really be great for me.

black tie 220s - Dior Homme  ⎨if these are out of the price range, ASOS has this pair available⎬

*deep breathing* CAN WE JUST?! I can't believe I finally managed to get these after originally falling for these when I visited Selfridges at the beginning of the year (and falling also for the Reflected, the So Real and seriously contending with the Abstract

I feel that these will be a classic staple because they're almost like a reinvented take on the wayfarer/aviator hybrid which I think are the best of both worlds for when it comes to a investment piece. I picked these up from Solaris, which is the european arm of Vision Express, where they had these on sale for 30% off the original price of 359 euros (£302.76) to 251 euros (£211.68) which is a huge saving on the UK base price of £335.

sauvage eau de toilette - Dior Homme

Another Dior purchase that I've been meaning to make for such a long time was the Sauvage fragrance that I've been loving lately. I picked mine up at Fernans, which is a selection of department stores that deal in fragrance and cosmetics in Salou and Tarragona, where they were having 21% off (which is the Spanish tax %) so I snapped mine up for around 60 euros (£50.64) With notes of Bergamot, Ambroxan, Geranium, Pepper, Lavender, Vetiver and Patchouli, the lasting power is pretty incredible as it starts off very heady and deep but really softens down into a warming scent which has got me tons of compliments so far.

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