August 22, 2016

black and white twist roll neck jumper - Topman (click here)
stone lightweight bomber jacket - Topman (click here)
black super spray on skinny jeans - Topman (click here)
black leather buckle boots - Topman (click here)
pork pie hat with diamond crown - ASOS (click here)

With A/W just around the corner, Topman set us ambassadors the challenge of picking some of this seasons biggest trends and how we would take them up a level. Ive gone for two pieces that aren't in my usual comfort zone which is this roll neck and a lighter colour bomber. Both of these pieces i would usually totally avoid because 1) roll necks make my neck look really short 2) I'm a mess when it comes to light colours but both of these pieces really surprised me with how they looked on.

Paired with simple black basics, these pieces take on another role of smartening up a look without being too fussy or overly dressed which is perfect for work or events. Pairing the look with my hair down and a fedora also gives it that city edge that i love to throw in every once in a while. I also think these pieces would be super versatile with other looks and colour combos too, making  them great staples.

What do you think of this look? What would you pair these pieces with? Let me know below or on social media using #IYAAJAY

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