August 02, 2016

Farfetch have always been at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and the latest 'it' pieces but have now gone one further and created the Farfetch Style Hub, with a series of fashion How-To videos with the first in the series being How to Clean Your Shoes and they asked me to share some handy tips and hints to keeping my shoe collection pristine!

First off, I always make sure to store my shoes in their boxes as this avoids any damage that could be caused from other items plus it also reduces light damage and general wear and tear. If your aesthetic doesnt work well with a multitude of bulky boxes, you can always go for acrylic storage boxes such as these from Muji, with 3 different sizes available for every style of shoes.

If your shoes are a soft suede or more supple leather, I also make sure to stuff these with tissue to retain shape  and also prevent sagging. Ive also been known to use the excess tissue which is found wrapped around the shoes as added padding for the shoes. If your shoes are a more rigid leather, such as dress shoes, I would also invest in a sturdy shoe tree to retain their shape and stop the toe from curling.

Protecting your shoes is a key point if you really want to get the most out of your investment without ruining them with the weather etc.  Weatherproofing shoes is a great way of enforcing this, keeping your precious cargo stain and liquid free. I highly recommend Crep Protect Rain and Stain Resistant Spray which is perfect for suede and canvas shoes. You can also get shoes already reinforced with Scotchguard  such as Vans 

Now this is a weird bit of advice I've learnt and been using for many years which is to rotate shoes. I make sure to wear a different pair of shoes everyday as wearing the same pair multiple times a week not only damages the main components of the shoes but also damages the innersole which makes the shoes uncomfortable. If shoes are still pristine or in a serviceable condition but the inner is a little worse for wear, replacing them is the best option. If heels become damaged or soles become worn, having them reheeled or soled is a valuable source for keeping shoes for longer.

Never over tighten laces on shoes, specifically soft eyelets most commonly found on deck shoes or suede
 shoes, to stop from them stretching the eyelets and also overstraining the laces causing tension damage and indents in the surface. 

Mixed material footwear (such as leather/brushed leather) are a lot harder to maintain due to the nature of the material and trying to find a product that is suitable for both materials.I really recommend the Jason Markk products for this as they're a great quality plus really do a great job at keeping the appearance of shoes tip top. For dual texture shoes like my Topman boots which are a brushed leather combo, Id recommend using the Jason Markk products but also a soft cloth with a little water for the more sturdy parts of the shoe.

Canvas shoes or brighter hues (mostly blue and red) are at a higher risk of sun damage and fading (rest in peace burgundy Vans who sadly fell victim to this)  To combat this, as these types of shoes mostly come without boxes, I would suggest dust bags  (such as these from Amazon) or if storage is a little bit tighter then I would recommend underbed storage to keep them out of the sun but also within reach if you wanted to wear them (This IKEA option is perfect!)

White trainers are highly notorious for picking up dirt and stains which can really leave them looking grubby and old in no time which nobody wants, so for all you hardcore sneakerheads, wipes are the perfect way of combatting this! The Jason Markks Premium Shoe Wipes, which are also available in separate packs for travel, with the unique double sided technology, with a more abrasive side for deeper stains and a more gentle side, perfect for smooth leather and white soles. 

If you would like the links to any of these shoes, make sure to pop a comment below and ill do my best to help!

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**This post is in collaboration with Farfetch to launch their Farfetch Style Hub. All imagery and opinions expressed in this are of my own** 

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