August 04, 2016

So, I did it.
I finally managed to get my hands on a pair of the much coveted Puma x Rihanna creepers that have been more elusive in mens sizes then unicorns and certain Pokemon in Pokemon go.

The orange camo, a new limited edition take on the ever popular shoes which I was actually tracking down for such a long time (I found 2 places online that had them, the main Puma site and Caliroots)

So lets get into the unboxing.

The packaging is in true Rihanna fashion, all matte black and minimalist which I'm loving. Once inside your greeted with a FENTY emblazoned velvet dustbug which is a great way of storing your shoes if you travel or prefer to have them without the box but there was one little gripe with this, the dustbag comes with the warning of colour transfer which if these were black shoes I wouldn't of minded but with a pair of tan/orange shoes, its too risky in my eyes (I know I'm probably being totally OTT but if I'm paying that much, i don't want that risk)

Once past that, you have a fair few layers of tissue which make the suspense just that little bit more and then you get that burst of orange camo which in real life is a lot more muted (the lighting in my photos makes it look bolder) but I actually think these will go with a lot more than I originally thought which took me by surprise.

You also get the choice of the tan laces with gold tips (my personal fave) or a darker tan pair which I'm not 100% on as it doesnt really go with the colours but hey, each to their own. The main part of these shoes is the creeper sole which is incredibly weighty and substantial which for me gives the shoes a bit more sturdy and height which is great (These make me 5ft10 and a bit)

I decided to break them in and really test what I can and can't do in these shoes. Once these are broken in, they're really comfy and spongey, which personally I love with trainers and luckily I can drive in these (if anyone wears Dr Martens you could easily drive in these) and these were also really comfy for a day at work too.

These are such a statement shoe and I've had so many compliments about them and where they can get them from (Ebay mainly as they sold out on Puma within 20mins, also check Vestiaire Collective too) These look great with an all black outfit or paired with subtle hints of red (I've got my eye on this Topman red number)

If you can get your hands on a pair, do it! If your looking for some great shoe care tips and a little sneak at my shoe collection, make sure to check out my last post here in collaboration with Farfetch.

Until next time,



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