3 Shades of Jay

May 29, 2013

So I've had my current shade of hair colour for about 3/4 years, but I'm always terrified when i'm planning to go abroad as fading is imminent and it wrecks any unnatural shade of hair dye so I finally bit the bullet....

I started off with the Scott Cornwall Colour B4 which, i'm gonna be graphic here, stank of rotten egg (not attractive, especially because you can't have the window open due to the product not working if it gets too cold) so I had to man up and deal with it, how I did I have NO idea! and was left with this shade....

(sorry for the iPhone quality)

And after a couple of hours (I wanted to let it settle before I dyed it again)....
(Im aware it looks like a hairdye catastrophe but its getting there)

FINALLY after 3 HOURS of hair dyeing, hair stripping and a lot of waiting, I was finally back to a shade that is so much more suitable for my lifestyle and upcoming events.

Im planning to go a bit lighter in a few weeks before I go away, so it gets more sunkissed and lighter which I'm so excited about! 

Although I'm sad about losing my red hair, but a word of warning to anyone, red hair is constant work, you'll find yourself living in Boots buying dye nearly every 3/4 weeks to keep the vibrancy of the shade up so unless your willing and able to do this, PLEASE think carefully!

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