April Favourites

May 03, 2013

Spring wouldn't be spring if updates didn't occur so I decided to swap around some of my room, including my bedding. As soon as I saw this, I automatically thought of the Lana Del Rey lyrics 'I fall asleep in an American flag' and I had to have it. Its a slightly vintage style interpretation and has cream and navy stars on one side and the huge American flag on the other. However, I wasn't a fan of the pricing as they charged seperatly for pillowcases!

Its no secret I love vintage style pieces and I came across this vintage inspired London map material at The Owl and Sewing Cat in Eastbourne, which is the best place for quirky material etc and luckily my Mum said she'd make them into cushions as to buy something like it is like £20+, so I'm super happy to have these now.

I've got such an obsession with this jacket still which I know isn't healthy but its the perfect jacket for the current weather and literally goes with everything I own BONUS! I think between this and my Barbour, it's hard to find a more perfect jacket.

Im so glad I decided to order this, due to the fact its been sold out ever since and probably would of sat on the floor and cried in Zara if I didn't get it (I wouldn't, well you never know). This top is perfect for the summer months as its one of those 'I chucked this on and it looks amazing' type of t-shirts which fits perfectly and is also light enough for really hot days.

Heres something you can't buy in stores, but another favourite since its sunnier and lighter, is the view out of my bedroom window which is a really nice part of the South Downs, which is actually an amazing view all times of the year but its particularly stunning in the summertime.

Favourite item i'd love to own this month
Ive loved these cases for ages and ever since the all black ones been out i've been lusting after it BUT theres no way I'd spend £495 on a iPad case. A guy can dream can't he....

Favourite Youtubers

Claire Marshall
Ive been a massive fan of Claire for ages, including her furry friend Bruce Lee, and her videos always look amazingly professional and polished, but with a modern edge (interesting views etc). She's also an avid blogger and Instagrammer so make sure to check out those as well!

Anneleeandjesse are also some of my favourite Youtube people, and usually update daily with vlogs and hauls which also feature Claire and many of their friends/clients and are always really well put together aswell, much like their individual Instagrams and their blog.

I also won something on the Fashionology.nl Instagram and Facebook giveaway where for 10 days they were getting you to regram/ share their pics to get goodies and I WON DAY 5 which was the Pentagram Necklace so expect a super happy blogpost on that. This made up for the slight disappointment of not being shortlisted for the Company Blogger awards BUT what did also cheer me up was finally hitting 1000 views on Wednesday which is crazy and i'm super super thankful for everyone who's reading my blog!

Im also planning some upcoming posts and Ive got two that I really want to do but really want to know what you guys think I should do first. Either a shoe collection post, or a holiday packing post, so let me know in the comments which one you'd like to see and ill go from there. Both will get done but Ill put the most popular one up first.

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