In Shopping We Trust- Huge London Haul

May 24, 2013


I've been after some new storage for ages and thought being in London was a perfect little excuse to splurge in Muji, which is one of my favourite shops for simple home pieces. The most practical pieces for me were the narrow range, which came with deeper drawers which is so handy, and also I picked up a jewellery tray too so that way all of my stuff is in one place.

Its not a London trip without popping to the Topman on Oxford St and I did partake in a little splurging whilst there. Firstly I spotted this bracelet that, to me, looks a lot more expensive then it is and also looks super similar to one I saw the other day. Secondly, I eyed this collar chain from across the store and instantly wanted it, not only can this be used under a collar, but it looks amazing just chucked over a plain tshirt. Finally, what use is a collar chain without a shirt? Pretty useless really! So I spotted this plain shirt which gave the chain full attention and had to have it, whilst looking odd in store styling things together and rushing round to see if things worked!

This was my first ever trip to Bershka and its safe to say I LOVE IT. Firstly, this vest is actually the last thing I spotted, right when I was at the till. Its galaxy, its a slightly oversized vest so I had to have it! Now I know your thinking I have similar trousers to these already but my beloved Zara trousers, now complete with slight hole due to wear and now holding their shape for about a day, have now finally bitten the dust, so I was in a panic and spotted these bad boys, which fitted like a dream and looked identical to my original ones! WIN WIN

I spotted these, and tried them on, in the first Zara store I went in (Regents St) and was 50/50 on them, so didn't decide to buy them, but I just couldn't stop thinking of them and kept popping into every Zara until I found them again (I ended up by the one near Selfridges) and was so excited to find them. BUT in all my excitement, one of the security guards thought I was 'acting suspiciously' and started giving my details to the security upstairs, and then I got accused of stealing a jacket, which was my denim one, but when I explained i'd previously bought it, the staff then began rolling their eyes and saying stuff about it to other staff, which I found so unprofessional! Never the less, I GOT THE JEANS!

Foot Locker
Now, I know these shoes are like Marmite, BUT I dont actually own a proper pair of trainers, only Vans and Nike high tops, so was on the lookout for some Air Max's as I wanted something stable, but comfy. So I spotted these, in Foot locker, where they were exclusive to them, down from £94.99 to £59.99 due to them being on the 'Last chance' rack which striked me as odd as theres nothing wrong with them. I road tested them the day after and these were the first shoes i've owned that haven't broken me instead of breaking themselves!


The Sting
Drop Crotch Jersey Shorts £25
Sadly The Sting doesn't have a website where you can purchase products, which is so annoying as I love their stuff! However, I spotted these Zara-esque shorts for a fraction of what they'd usually sell for, and couldn't resist. BUT when I went to pay, my transaction got DECLINED twice! which made me really upset, and thought something had gone wrong at my bank and I started panicking but, then I found out it was a machine fault and could sign for them instead, PHEW that was close!

Im still waiting for my Fashionology necklace to arrive! (3 weeks and counting) and this'll be the last haul i'll be doing for sometime as I really don't need to buy anything else and should be a bit more mature with my money, but another change is coming soon so expect an exciting new post!

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