My Week In Instagram

July 06, 2013

Been super busy with work this week so i've not been able to update my Instagram much as nobody really wants to see my grumpy face at work but when I did instagram this week, I made sure it was worth it. Also I finally tried out the video function on Instagram so be prepared for some more of those!
Last Saturday- Walking down to the seafront for a walk as it was such a warm evening so I broke out the shorts but made sure I had suitable shoes (well, they weren't as they wrecked havoc on my ankle) but ah well!
Shorts- Topman(Similar)
Shoes- Nike (Similar)
Monday- This was a OOTD/ inspiration video I chucked together as yet again, I woke up late and was rushing but still had time to do this. 
Top- Topman 
Jeans- Jack Wills
Shoes- Nike Airmax Classic BW
Music- London Grammar 'Wasting My Young Years'
And yes, Im aware I can't take a serious photo or video 
Friday- Urm I can explain! be honest I can't, Id had a busy week at work and a bit low so chucked out some old shoes and made some lame excuse for some new shiny shoes. These bad boys have been on my list of worthy shoes for ages and Im so happy to finally have them. They fit a little bit snuggly but thats because the elastic isnt fully broken in (more lazy shoes I can easily put on RESULT)

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