February 11, 2014

I'd been really good at trying to refrain from spending on clothes, by buying stuff for my new room (I shall be doing a post once its done) but I happened to go to Hastings over the weekend and although I tried, I couldn't resist any longer and bought some new things (I can already feel the guilt coming back whilst typing this). Lets begin...

Im not usually one for buying Topman earrings as they usually turn my piercing green (If anyone else knows this too well, I share your pain) but I couldn't resist buying these. I was suckered by the tiny gold spikes and also by the small gold and silver slot hoops which I knew I could easily wear for work and also its simple enough without being too blingey and obnoxious. Also, excuse the beard, feeling a little lazy this week.
Ive been eyeing this for so long, and yes, I do own something super similar from Zara's S/S13 collection but Im a sucker for black tees and also roll sleeve tees so this one was perfect for me. I also loved the numerals (which work out at 1991, couldn't they of made it 1992?! WHY TOPMAN!) I could easily dress this up or down during the summer so £14 was a total steal.
TK Maxx
Glass Tray
RRP: £10.00
I paid: £2.99
Now, to begin with, I thought 'why would anyone want a black glass egg tray?!' but I thought I'd use this as a clever, stylish nicknack holder for loose change or earrings etc to keep everything organised (Yep, my organisation OCD has kicked in again) plus for the price I couldn't resist.
TK Maxx
RRP (On the label): £68.49
I paid: £24.99
Now everyone knows I'm a total plaid addict and always seem to find an incredible plaid shirt at TK Maxx (Remember my Ralph Lauren one from here) so I was super happy to find this Vans example for an incredible price. I bought this as the only one here which was an XL, which fits my shoulders perfectly but not in the body but I like my shirts to be oversized so I can style them over skinnier style trousers and jeans for an easy silhouette that can easily be adapted during the day.

Head over to my Instagram for my styling of both the shirt and the tee and also see my other style ideas and influences. Also, let me know what the last brilliant deal was below! 

See you soon!

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