March 12, 2014

A couple of weeks back, I received a message from the company Dirty Velvet and to launch their new SS14 collection, I had the opportunity to pick out a piece and share it with you lot!

Dirty Velvet is a design collective focused on producing high quality clothing with designs that offer a creatively different perspective to the mainstream.Their aim is to create T-shirts with original graphics, combining strong and thought provoking imagery reflecting our slightly twisted view of the world.

Look at that face! I picked out this Busker Bear tee in vintage white and I love it. Firstly, the attention to detail in the printing and design is second to none and is super realistic, right down to the 'Hello my name is' sticker on his guitar and mildly soulful look in his eyes. Secondly, I love a great fitting tee, and this one fits like a glove. Usually printed tee's tend to sit a little tighter on me (Anyone else had this issue?) but this one fits perfectly (as you can see) without being uncomfortable or rides up when layered. Thirdly, I love a tongue in cheek touch to items and this washing instruction label made me laugh (Yep, my sense of humour is weird) I wish other companies would do stuff like this!

For the summer, Id style this with rolled sleeves, chino shorts and either Toms or Nike Blazers for a relaxed, casual outfit, and for the colder weather, style it under an oversized shirt with inky black jeans and a beanie for a warmer and pulled together version of layering. 

So guys, go grab some items from Dirty Velvet, you honestly won't regret it!

I'd like to quickly say a great big thanks to Dirty Velvet for sending me this tee, and thanks to the Blogger Programme for helping make this happen!

**This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Dirty Velvet**

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