March 29, 2014

Recently, I got in contact with Pontus & Hawke through their Blogger Programme profile, and loved the individual style of their jewellery so I thought I'd share it with you guys!

If you don't know, Pontus & Hawke is a fashion brand owned by Toronto based fashion designer sisters Davida and Jenna Goldenberg. The company strives to provide customers with pieces that are edgy yet timeless. The Goldenberg's design philosphophy is all about creating sleek and inspired pieces with interesting silhouettes, flattering cuts and unique fabrications. This design philosophy applies across all our design mediums from Jewelry to clothing, and handbags to shoes. Quality and style are at our core.

So here's my picks and how I'd style them...

I love bizarre jewellery and this necklace would certainly gain some interest and be a real conversation starter. I love the nautical feel it'd bring to an outfit, so I'd style it with a classic Breton style top and casual stone coloured shorts and either loafers or deck shoes. On the other end of the style spectrum, it also makes me think of a suave and sophisticated scenario, so I'd clash the silver against a bright crisp white shirt, well fitting dark trousers and a pair of killer posh shoes.

I love the simple style of this ring and would this could easily become a staple piece in my collection. Id be tempted to get 2, one in smaller size and one larger so I could wear one as an above knuckle ring and one normally to give some dimension to other rings and an outfit. As for styling this piece, I'd be tempted to play with the proportions and would style this chunky piece with a slimmer fit shirt in either plaid or a darker colour, and skinny jeans.

I love the simple paired back, almost modern style of these earrings. These would be great with a busier outfit which doesn't call for bold accessories, as they are very simple which allows the prints or colours to be seen. Not to be put in the shadows, Id also style this with a incredibly smart outfit (Perfect for the wedding in the summer Im going to) with slicked back hair and a killer structured suit to play off the straight, cubist design.

Whats your favourite piece from Pontus & Hawke? Let me know below! If your interested in working with Pontus & Hawke, check out their profile on the Blogger Programme

Until next time.

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