March 21, 2014

Its no secret that I love skinny trousers, and recently fell in love with my Zara NY trousers which combine slouchy shorts with skintight leggings. But, trying to find a pair of mens leggings without being sports ones is difficult, until I stumbled upon sTitch Leggings who pretty much nailed what I was thinking of! So I decided to get in contact with Tom, Luke and Joe and see what they had to say.

The range of sTitch Leggings available here

How did you get started with the line?

Two of the co-founders wore tights to a fancy dress party in North London, we felt good and most importantly we looked great, however, as men, tights are not great, mainly due to the visibility. One of us mentioned about making leggings for men. Then, the next week when a mutual friend came to visit, this joke became a reality and we purchased and branded some leggings to sell on Brick Lane market. We enjoyed this day so much that we decided to set up a website and design our own leggings.

Do you think mens fashion is ready to embrace leggings?

As men become more metrosexual the once firm gender fashion barrier is beginning to erode. It is now common place to see men around East London wearing leggings, this is the norm. We have set up this company to expand upon this and to really drive forward the opportunity for men to wear what they want, as opposed to what they should.

What inspires you when you create new designs, any new materials?

We sit in a room in complete darkness, we lie on our backs accompanied by meditative music and allow thoughts to permeate our brains. After approximately 4 hours we all get up and discuss any prominent ideas with the group. If we are all able to agree on a certain point, whether this be sizing, a new pattern or a new feature, this will be put into production immediately.

What is your favourite way to style them?

For me personally, I like to take them raw, with just a vest on top. Though only really applicable in the summer, I feel this look really encapsulates the sTitch brand.

Who do you think epitomises your brand/who would you see wearing your product?

The person that epitomises our brand is any individual who likes to be different and is not scared to stand up for what they believe in. If  I had to point you in the direction of an icon who embodies this spirit I would have to say the likes of Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Mohammed Ali. I could see each one of them rocking a pair of Logo's and white Air Max's.

Where do you see the brand heading?

Our brand exists to provide garments to allow men to wear want they want, as opposed to what they should. Therefore, only time will tell which products we will produce over the coming years, we have had some exciting ideas emerge from our creative sessions and are enthralled to be bringing them to the sTitch community.

Sum up the brand in three words


Huge thanks to Tom for answering my questions!

With these leggings, I'd style them up by playing with the proportions. Since they're skintight, I'd team them with an oversized flannel or jumper to give a casual 90s nod and then either team them with Givenchy-esque flats or with high tops such as my Nike Blazers. On the other hand, I'd dress them up with a crisp white shirt, structured blazer with statement bold shoulders a la Saint Laurent with monk-strap shoes or flat loafers.

So guys, leggings aren't just for the girls and sTitch are here to change it forever!

**This is a sponsored post with answers provided by sTitch. In no way are these questions or answers provided by anyone else but me and the sTitch team**

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