April 22, 2014

Its frustrating when your far from home and your phone is doing the '20% battery remaining' warning (which if you have any iPhone, you'll probably share my hatred for the battery life) but when I discovered Juicecubes, I knew I had to get one immediately!
Now, for the people who aren't sure what a Juicecube is, you basically charge this tiny device, and you just simply connect your phone to it whilst on the go and it charges it seamlessly without all the hassle of plugs and major wires etc, genius!

 For a full battery life, the Juicecube only needs around 3 hours to gain enough so you can take it out and about with you. This clever little device also comes with different adapter ends for items such as Blackberry's, all Apple products (apart from the 5/5S/5C which they recommend you use the original cable), Samsungs, PSP's and also Satnavs etc which means no matter what your doing, or wherever you are, you can always stay charged with one handy little cube.
To see what battery life you have left, you just have to simply shake it to see the little blue lights appear. Each light represents 25% so its easy to keep track on how much is used and whats left (Juicecube recommends to charge your cube when only a singular light shows showing 25%)

This handy little device is great for travelling and also for the all important travelling and festival season thats soon to spring up on us, but also makes a great small gift for the person on the go, or even better, the blogger in your life (these are a total godsend for Instagram/email/social media addicts)

Juicecubes are available in various colours at Currys, instore at o2 and various online shopping sites such as Amazon and eBay etc

Until next time...

**This is not a sponsored post, I purchased and reviewed this product myself**

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