July 09, 2014

Now, its no secret I love hair products (Bit weird I know) but I struggle to find products that I just can't keep secret, until now that is. I finally think I've found my holy grail products (Much like the post I did last year for dyed hair here) but this time, I feel like most hair types could also love these products too. 

So lets start shall we?

I discovered this shampoo whilst scouring through TK Maxx and found an industrial bottle of the Super Skinny Shampoo for a total steal. From the first use, I fell in love with it as its gentle enough to take out the dirt and also use daily, without stripping your hair completely of natural oils, which is perfect if your a avid fan of hair styling and need something gentle to wash out a daily build up of product. Now on my third bottle,which last for a few months,I hardly use anything else as it does everything I want it to and more, and have now followed up the love with the Daily Treatment I picked up especially for my holiday as it not only smooths, softens and detangles like a regular conditioner, but it also prevents surface damage, helps repair damaged hair and also protects against heat, perfect for the summer and also to reduce how many products I need to take in my toiletries bag.

Prepping the hair before styling for me is key, as my hair can be really heavy and unco-operative so I need a little help to trick it into behaving. Step forward my two key products, which are total lifesavers for me. Batistes dry shampoo, probably the best bargain ever, adds volume and also a slight 'day 2' feel to hair so its easier to style, plus it also refreshes hair quickly if time isn't on your side (Which happens to me all the time, oopsy *writes note to be better at time keeping*). Before blow drying, I liberally spray my hair with Toni and Guys Sea Salt spray as this also gives a stronger 'day 2' feel to hair, and also creates the most amazing texture to work with, perfect when used in conjunction with other products that are a little bit softer.
Hair styling is a key step for me when getting ready everyday. Whether its a mun (See my how to step by step here) or a slicked back quiff to showcase the undercut, my hair products need to be tough and able to withstand a busy day. Toni and Guys Men Styling Fibre, used in conjunction with the Sea Salt spray, works excellently to create a slightly more beachy take on a quiff, used sparingly throughout the main part of the hair, this creates an added texture that is easily mouldable during the day, perfect for when your out and about and need to adapt quickly. When I need something with a bit more of a hold, I reach for my Redken cream paste, the ingenious combination of paste and hairspray, when used liberally is indestructible (Quite literally, I wore it the other day when I styled a quiff, and it didn't move at all) I know the price is higher on the Redken compared to the Toni and Guy but it depends on your desired end effect.

My go-to styling tools are incredibly simple pieces that can do a multitude of different uses. For the mun hairstyles, I use the mid thickness, snag free hairbands which hold perfectly to my hair without the fear of ripping out chunks when just trying to remove it (Its happened before, so I have learnt not to use the thinner, rubber hairbands). For my quaffed hairstyles, or creating a hairstyle to reveal my undercut, the comb is king. The wider teeth are perfect for putting the finishing touches to the top part of the hair, but the thinner teeth are perfect to separate hair from the undercut, leaving a clean defined line. I also have back ups of these two key pieces everywhere, ranging from my car to my work bag, as you never know when your going to need them.

So there we go guys, do you have any go to hair products too? Any products to avoid? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

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