B-RUSHING UP THE AISLE: Wedding Get Ready With Me

July 01, 2014

Well the big event I have been waiting months for was last weekend and I thought Id share with you guys the final process of getting ready for it. The event in question was my Cousins wedding which was an incredible day in the most stunning of locations and luckily the weather was great too.

So lets begin shall we?
So my prep actually started the day before (Eager I know) BUT it was for something I'd been planning for quite sometime. As you may or may not know, I love to change my hair but for the last year I had had my natural colour and I thought it was about time to switch it up and finally get the colour I wanted. Two weeks before, I had a consultation about what I wanted and booked it for the same day as my haircut the day before the wedding so I really was pushing through with a big session at the hairdressers (I'll get to the time I spent soon).

So the day finally came, colours were chosen and I braced myself for probably the longest I've ever spent in the hairdressers. I decided on getting layered highlights, no, not like the blocky 90s ones (Anyone else still hates that as much as I do?) but this was a lot softer and also looked like it naturally should be there. I found out my initial base colour was a NC6 which is a mid brown with a slightly redder base so needed a ash tone blonde to sort out the tone of my hair as it has a tendency to go brassy and orange which I hate. The first set of foils didn't take long but I waited 45 mins as advised but the colour had only lifted around 1/2 to maybe 1 shade of colour which wasn't enough. We ploughed on with the cut whilst letting the colour settle and I had my usual longer part on top where the dye was, and then my grade 2 undercut and a grade 1 border to neaten up around the face. After the cut, we decided to do another set of 45 min foils to finally lift it, which meant another wait but it was totally worth it. My colour lifted to a darker caramel blonde which I loved but my hairdresser reassured me we could go brighter and decided 15 mins of toner is exactly what I needed. Using a violet toner eliminates the brassy, orangey undertones the hair (as violet is on the opposite side of yellow and orange on the colour spectrum) meaning my hair would appear a truer blonde then before. I have to admit I was a little sceptical about getting my hair dyed professionally as I hadn't had it done before but I love the final outcome.
During one of the waits, and the final outcome.

With my blonde, summer inspired hair now complete, getting ready on the day happened really quickly. For the wedding, I decided it was finally time to get a new suit (Fun fact: I hadn't worn a suit since my prom 5 years ago) so I decided to treat myself and set out on the search for the perfect one. I searched from high end to low end and struggled to find something that fitted perfectly until I decided to pop to Next where I found the perfect one. This Blue Tailored Fit Suit is part of their £99 suit collection which seems too good to be true. Surprisingly, each piece is lined with a soft, silky material and the quality and fit is incredible. I have really broad shoulders and the jacket fitted perfectly without looking ridiculously large on the shoulders and the slim fit to the trousers kept it modern without being impractical for sitting down etc. I decided to invest in a classic white shirt I could use for many different occasions and found a perfect example that wasn't too thick from Jack Wills (Similar one here) which I thought would be great for all weather scenarios as sometimes shirts can get stuffy if its too hot or be too thin and useless if the temperatures drop. I also thought to keep a more traditional edge, I would get a tie (Yet again, I hadn't worn one in years) so I picked up this Black Skinny Tie from River Island, to keep it modern but also still smart. I also managed to source a Black and Brown Revisible Belt by Michael Kors that sat nicely along side my Oversized Runway Watch also by Michael Kors to keep the flash to the minimum and be a more sleek alternative. I finally finished off the accessories off with my Maria Francesca Pepe Gold Spike Ear Cuff which adds a hint of edge alongside my undercut. When it came to footwear, naturally I paired my Eric Chelsea Boots by Kurt Geiger, but for when these became too uncomfortable (KG shoes kill after about 2 hours wear to plan carefully) I also bought along a trusty pair of Vans in the car so I could quickly change (Comfort and stylish, what more could I want?)

So there we have it guys! I hope this gives you some inspiration for any occasions you may have coming up. Want to know any other details or share your ideas, leave them in the comments below.

Until next time,

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