February 06, 2015

I know this isn't a very manly post, but if you know me, you know I pride myself on my appearance and my hair, so I'm finally glad I've discovered the perfect haircare system for me! Also I know the prices of these products aren't for everyone but they work perfectly with my hair (Incredibly thick, stubborn and colour dyed) so you can adapt these to fit your needs. I like to follow the three key steps: PREP, STYLE, SECURE which I've found is becoming my go to hair routine.

I know this is probably the longest name for a product I've ever seen, but this little beauty genuinely works wonders for my hair. Where I've previously coloured my hair, its become a little dry on the ends but standard conditioner didn't quite sort it. This ultra fine spray dries incredibly quickly leaving the hair non sticky, but super shiny and soft which is exactly what I needed.

I spray this on after washing and semi air drying my hair before styling as it acts also as a barrier for heat styling.

These two tubes of wonder actually are strong enough to control my hair for many different styles but work incredible together aswell. As a base for the texture paste, I spritz on the salt spray toward the roots and rough it into the lengths so I have a slight gritty texture (Ive found day 2 hair is perfect for styling but this works just aswell on clean hair as it adds some texture without being too textured) After blowdrying my hair into place with this product in with a styling vent brush as it gives me the loose style, I then go and tip all my hair forward and rough in some paste working all over the head to add the product in evenly. Once this is in, I then go back in with the vent brush and restyle it, sealing in the paste and giving a shiny, smooth finish.

To finish off my achieved look, I like to do a spray of ultra hold hairspray (Don't be fooled by LOréal Elnett which claims to be 'firm hold', this stuff makes it look like water) This has been nicknamed 'concrete in a can' by me as my hair doesn't even move once this product is on but doesn't leave my hair all crispy and chunky like some other hairsprays leave it. If your hair doesnt need this step, feel free to leave it out, or if your going to need the extra milage out of your style, then this spray NEEDS to be included into your routine.

So there we have it guys! Any products you swear by? Let me know below!

Until next time guys,

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