January 30, 2015

I can't quite believe its the end of January already, I genuinely have no idea where its gone. What I do know however is that I have rediscovered some old favourites and come across some great items too which I thought I'd share with you guys.

So I received this top for Christmas but didnt really know how I would style it. Its not an everyday top, but its not quite smart enough for special occasions so I was a little bit stuck. Fear not, as I found a total winner of an outfit featuring it. For this look, I teamed it with the shoes Ive featured on here today, with my All Saints biker and rolled up jeans (rolled up so they're just at the top of the boot, nothing too crazy) which gives a real Parisian look which I love as its so simple but ever so effective. Unfortunately it is now out of stock online, but definitely check instore as they usually carry more stock.

As the weather tries to warm up, I have a major love hate relationship with the sun. I love being out in it, but my eyes seem to hate even the slightest change so Ive been relying on sunglasses already. I always reach for either of these incredible Raybans, which I know aren't everyones budget for eyewear, but when you consider these as 'classic investment pieces' I adore them. 

Im still in love with these so much that I have to force myself to actually change them for other shoes. I always thought clunkier chelsea boots would actually be the most unattractive shoes but oh how wrong was I! These look killer with a pair of skintight denim, especially paired with a smarter look, and they're also incredibly comfortable at the same time, whats not to love?! Id put off buying DM's for some time, but ever since receiving two pairs, Ive been obsessed with them and Im fighting the urge to buy more of them.

If your a big follower of London Fashion Week and Burberry, James Bay needs no introduction to you. But don't fret if you haven't heard of him, he looks to be a big name in 2015. Already winning the Brit Awards Critics Choice award, and ranking highly in BBC's Sound of 2015, his relaxed, melodic tones are almost like a combo of George Ezra and Lana Del Rey which makes for amazing listening. Scars and Hold Back The River are my two favourite songs of his, and his debut album is released in March which I can't wait for either.

Whats been your favourites this month guys? Anything you think people need to know about? Let me know!

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Until next time,

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