February 27, 2015

I haven't been to Boots in a long time and felt it was finally time to bite the bullet and pick up a couple of products I've been either needing to restock or pick up and try so I thought Id do something different and give my first impressions as well as a mini review of each product.

First up is the Toni & Guy Casual Rough Texturiser which I had huge hopes for but kind of feel a little let down by. I swear by their salt spray for texture and thought this product would almost be a stronger version or even a more hairspray type formula but its a really odd product. Its got a really powerful spray like a hairspray and its incredibly fine but leaves the hair feeling clogged (Yes I know texturises are suppose to make your hair feel like day 2 hair but not clogged) and using it as a base for other products also fails too as it doesn't have enough of a gritty texture to lock product in. However, I do prefer this packaging to the salt spray packaging and I think during the summer this will be perfect for more untidy, simple hair. If you like this sort of product, Id stick with the salt spray as its more versatile for my needs and works out a little cheaper too then this product which retails at a pretty high price of £7.19.

As I was running low on my beloved Redken hairspray, I decided to give the Toni & Guy Creative Extreme Hold Hairspray a go as Ive heard good things about this product and its also been compared to my favourite so I thought I'd compare the two. At £7.49 its not the cheapest high street hairspray (but works out a lot cheaper then my Redken one) but I think the Redken one has kind of spoilt me. When I first used it, it held my hair perfectly but then after about 10 minutes, once it had fully dried, this hairspray left my hair literally lumped together in shiny, greasy looking lumps which then lasted about 5 minutes and with one gust of wind got ruined, which for a 'Extreme Hold Hairspray' is incredibly disappointing. The worst part of all for me is that nozzle is so fine that sometimes after you've shaken it which it instructs to do before every use, it gloops together and you end up with way too much product and its a nightmare to get out. Definitely a disappointment for me!

Finally, I cracked and decided to buy the Clinique For Men Face Wash and I honestly couldn't be more happier with this purchase. Granted, the £16.00 price tag is mad for a face wash but oh god its good. The simple 'lather and then rinse well' instructions make it seem like there must be some catch but this thick, foaming gel covers the skin like a face mask and leaves skin grease free and super soft which I couldn't quite believe. I haven't had any reactions to it at all either which is super rare for skin products as although my skin is oily/combination, its also really sensitive and this hasn't made me react at all. I would highly recommend this to guys who want a simple but effective face wash but want to see instant results.

Have you discovered any new products worth sharing? Let me know!

Until next time guys,


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