March 13, 2015

Now, heres a little question I got asked on MBloggers, a great platform for male bloggers and also a major influence for the posts I create, which is
'what's the one piece of clothing (shirt, shoes etc) that you think is worth spending the most money on?' and it really made me think 'What do I get the most use out of and would spend money on?' 

My answer: Man bags

I know this is a weird answer, especially with such classics in my wardrobe like the classic biker, or the best pair of jeans, but once you own them, you don't really tend to repurchase them. However, with bags, I feel they're almost like an investment as I only buy ones that'll last me years (Think back to one of my first posts on my Cambridge Satchel Company Satchel which I still adore and use to this day) and they're probably the most functional thing you can spend money on too. My latest addition to my collection was a joint birthday and christmas present from my nan and grandad which was my Michael Kors Jet Set carryon that I found, surprisingly, at TK Maxx for £100 reduced from £475 originally. Now I know people still cringe at spending £100 on a bag, but to be honest, if your going to use it and take care of it, I would think nothing of spending up to £500-£700 on a bag (I know its mad but bare with me on this) as you can use them for a multitude of occasions plus they're incredibly functional and add that finishing touch to your look, whether your going out to work, or a long weekend away.

I adore the finish of this bag as the Saffiano leather is incredibly durable and hardwearing without being too over the top. However, the one thing I wish I could change about this bag is the fact that its the Camo print as I don't feel it goes with everything unlike a black or grey version would, but I still love this bag for its functionality and design aswell as the options it gives me. The large top zip opens to show a slot which is perfect for your iPad or Macbook Air, as well as a key loop and smaller inner zipped pocket, leaving you plenty of room for your other things. I've taken this bag out when I needed to take my Macbook Pro and camera with other items and found there was more then enough room. The outer two open top pockets expand which is perfect if your trying to find important documents or cards (This bag is meant for travelling) without damaging the leather which is also an incredibly handy function. Another little issue is the fact that even with nothing in this bag, it weighs around 4lbs which, when you look at flight restrictions, only leaves 2lbs for carry on luggage plus also limits you to how much you carry during the day if you use this as a day to day bag.

I think this bag is a really good one if your looking for a versatile bag which can adapt as quickly as your life does, but I would definitely do some more checks if this is the right one as if you buy one full price, they are not cheap by any means, especially when Marc by Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent and Mulberry offer similar bags in the similar price range too.

Whats the one item you would spend the most money on? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.

Until next time guys,


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