Holy Grail Products For Dyed Hair

April 19, 2013

As a total lover of dyed hair, I have such a everyday battle with keeping it lasting as long as I can and stay the colour I wanted. Personally for me, I find since i've dyed my hair i've actually become a bit more adventurous with how I dress etc because my colour is quite bold and need to add it into my style, which is always adapting also.

Here are my 4 holy grail products I cant live without for my dyed hair;

So this was a recent purchase for me after i'd heard so much about them and thought it was a perfect opportunity to pick one up. This sort of brush is perfect for dyed hair as its gentle enough to not break hair off, and also reduced tangles which can sometimes occur after dyeing.

An iconic classic that I find really works in locking in colour for longer, and also keeps hair moisturised and healthier after dyeing. However, I noticed this contains sulphates that gradually fade colour over time so I would use this in conjunction with another product.

This is one of my favourite discoveries of late, as it contains no sulphates meaning it doesn't fade colour, and it also contains botanicals to help protect over-worked hair without removing all of the natural oils. This would also be a really good product for over styled hair too.

Its not a secret I like to upkeep my colour regularly (usually every 4-6 weeks) as I find red fades alot with harsh lighting and also sun damage, and it also washes out everytime you wash your hair (looks similar in colour to Sweet and Sour Sauce) which is a real pain but hey! So to help combat this, I usually have a backstock of dyes (all sourced with deals, such as Boots often do 2 for £11 and Sainsburys usually have 2 for between £10-£12 which are both good as they're around the £6.50-£7 line) which I find work amazingly well, the colour pay off is super vibrant and its also a lot easier and cheaper then going to the salon regularly which can sometimes cost upwards from £50 just for a colour

Hope you find this useful guys! also leave any comments down below on products you use and tips you may also know

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